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UAA Honors College

  • University Honors College

    Apply to the UAA's University Honors College, where you will have the opportunity to design your own pathway uniquely fitted to your personal and academic interests and goals.

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Honors at UAA

The Univeristy Honors College offers customized pathways of coursework and experiential learning designed to meet students' unique academic goals. Because being an Honors student is about a lot more than success in classes and a strong GPA, Honors students choose a track in community engagement, global and multicultural studies, leadership, or research and creative activity. Our highly motivated Associate and Bachelor degree students enhance their education in a way that is meaningful to them by working with Honors faculty to design a program of coursework, extracurricular activities, and immersion projects that enriches their college experience. Honors College graduates are deep thinkers, collaborative learners, and passionate individuals with advanced skills and experiences in their chose fields of student, which will distinguish them from their peers when they enter the job market or seek postgraduate education.

Customize your Pathway: 4 Academic Tracks


Community Engagement Track

Students will build their commitment to civic life through the provision of service and and assistance to their communities, and engage with community issues by staying informed and participating in a way they find meaningful.

Global and Multicultural Studies

Students will develop their foundation for a career in public and professional service and community engagement. They will foster a lifelong commitment to be an engaged and responsible citizen, staying mindful of the local, national, and global impact of their personal decisions.


Students will develop the skills and disposition to function as a leader in any field, and will learn to execute a vision that involves others to work collaboratively towards a shared goal.

Research & Creative Activity

Uniquely crafted to their discipline of creative expression or rigorous scholarship, students will develop their skills and confidence in their personal creative process or the rigors of academic research. Students will develop a familiarity with many aspects of the creative or academic process ranging from conception or question formulation, methdology, implementation, revision, and exhibition or dissemination. 



Contact the Honors College

Honors College Administration:

  • Claudia Lampman - Dean of the Honors College
    Office: RH 103A
    Phone: 907.786.1619
  • Donna Aguiniga - Chair, Honors Faculty Board
    Office: PSB 222C
    Phone: 907.786.6906
  • Leslie Tuovinen - Honors Academic Advisor
    Office: PSB 206G
    Phone: 907.786.0343
  • Joseph Bruner - Student Success Specialist
    Office: PSB 206H
    Phone: 907.786.1473