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    Apply to the UAA's University Honors College, where you will have the opportunity to design your own pathway uniquely fitted to your personal and academic interests and goals.

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Honors is for You

Honors is for you at UAA!

The University Honors College allows you - the student - to creatively craft and personalize your own experience at UAA - and to make sure your engagement counts for credit! Did you get involved in clubs at UAA, and find yourself in a leadership role? Do you want to study abroad and immerse yourself in other cultures? What about conducting research with a faculty member, and getting published or presenting at national conferences? Are you passionate about community service, and already commit yourself to serving local or national organizations outside of school? Come learn how your experiences can earn you an Honors designation upon completing your degree at UAA.

Honors has never been more accessible! Students pursuing an Associate or Bachelors degree are eligible to apply. If you work part-time or full-time to help support yourself through college - your professional experience may contribute to completing Honors. You have the opportunity to choose one of four tracks -and within that track, you can get personal advising from faculty to discover how your passions, goals, and needs can help you thrive as an Honors College student. During the program, you will be challenged to think deeply, collaborate with others, and passionately pursue that which excites you! At the end, you will get to show off a portfolio of academic studying, projects you've completed, and experiences you engaged with that distinctly reflects your own personal pathway through college. Ultimately, these experiences will help distinguish you as you enter the job market, or seek postgraduate education!


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Fall 2023 ePortfolio Workshop

This event is open to all Honors College students who would like to learn about best practices for designing your ePortfolio, which is a requirement for graduation in the Honors Program. We will offer two trainings this semester, one via Zoom and one in-person, and you may attend both if you wish.

REMOTE ONLY Workshop: Tuesday, October 3

IN-PERSON ONLY Workshop: Wednesday, November 8

  • Rasmuson Hall 103 (Honors Lounge)
  • From 4:00 - 5:30pm

Fall 2023 Digital Storytelling Workshop

This event is open to all graduating seniors, and it is required that you attend one session to prepare for graduation. We will offer two trainings this semester, one via Zoom and one in-person, and you may attend both if you wish.

IN-PERSON ONLY Workshop: Wednesday, September 27

  • Rasmuson Hall 103 (Honors Lounge)
  • From 4:00 - 5:30 pm

REMOTE ONLY Workshop: Thursday, October 26

Honors Housing Scholarship Available!

UAA is pleased to offer students in the University Honors College a $1,500 per year housing scholarship. The Academic Honors Housing Scholarship is open to students in the University Honors College and recipients of the UA Scholars award. The Academic Honors Housing Scholarship is applied each fall and spring semester as a $750 discount off the cost of housing and food. The scholarship will be automatically applied; no additional application is needed!

For additional details, visit our UHC News and Events page at the top.


Contact the Honors College

Honors College Administration:

  • Melanie Hulbert, Ph.D. - Dean of the Honors College
    Office: ADMN 
    Phone: 907.786.1566
  • Martha Amore, Ph.D. - Honors Academic Board Chair
    Office: PSB 102K
    Schedule: Schedule an Appointment
  • Joseph Bruner, M.A. - Director of Student Success Initiatives, Strategy & Assessment
    Office: ADM 284
    Phone: 907.786.1473
  • Andrea Hudson - UAA Honors College Advisor
    Office: PSB 212
    Phone: 907.786.0347