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Honors Core Seminar Program

University Honors Scholar

Graduation Requirements

Honors Foundation Courses  
HNRS A192 Honors Seminar: Enduring Books * 3
HNRS A292 Honors Seminar in Social Science * 3
HNRS A310 Community Service: Theory and Practice 3
Honors Senior Project / Thesis Requirements  
HNRS A392 Honors Thesis Seminar 1
Select one of the following: 6
Senior Honors Seminar (6 credits over two semesters) *  
A course proposed by the student and approved by the Honors College dean (3 credits minimum; may be an existing course or independent study) plus senior thesis or project (3 credits minimum; either departmental thesis/project, or HNRS A499)
An upper division course listed in the catalog as a specific departmental honors requirement (3 credits minimum) and senior thesis or project (3 credits minimum; either departmental thesis/project, or HNRS A499)
Six-credit thesis/project (either departmental thesis/project, and/or HNRS A499).
Total Credits 16

Indicates courses that satisfy GERs

A total of 16 credits is required.

As part of the advising/mentoring process, honors students’ progress will be evaluated every semester. Students whose performance indicates potential difficulties in meeting the University Honors Scholar graduation requirements will be counseled on how to correct these difficulties, but if performance improvements do not result, the student may be removed from the college.

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Will University Honors courses count towards your degree? Yes! Read more in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Diane Swonger

"Of all my Honors courses, HNRS 310 challenged me the most because it allowed me to actually go out and work in the field that I’m majoring in.”  

- Diane Swonger, University Honors Program Student