Seawolf Advisory!

This morning, our Facilities and Campus Services team was made aware of a pothole that shut down the westbound lanes of Northern Lights Boulevard between UAA Drive and Career Center Drive. It has since been upgraded to a sinkhole, and the lanes will remain closed for an undetermined amount of time while crews repair the damage. We anticipate the closure will extend through the week.

Finals week is a very stressful time for students. Students, please know that your professors have been made aware of the situation. Please communicate with them any delays you may experience due to this issue. We know this is an unexpected traffic challenge. Please take a deep breath. We want you to have a smooth and safe finals week.

Alaska Heart Institute Fellowships

2011-12 Alaska Heart Institute Fellowships

Audrey Rutz (BS Biology)
"Role of Williams Syndrome Transcription Factor in Heart Development in Xenopus"
Faculty Mentor: Jocelyn Krebs, Biological Sciences
Audrey Rutz Proposal

Brady Salli (BS Biological Sciences)
"Parametric Photocues as a Synchronizer of Circadian Rhythms in an Arctic Hibernator"
Faculty Mentor: Loren Buck, Biological Sciences
Brady Salli Proposal

2010-11 Alaska Heart Institute Fellowships

Brian Quinlan

Brian Quinlan (BS Biological Sciences)
"Dynamics of the Gut Microbial Community of Juvenile Arctic Ground Squirrel"
Faculty Mentor:  Khrys Duddleston, Biological Sciences
Brian Quinlan Proposal

Jessica Schwartz

Jessica Schwartz (BS Biological Sciences)
"COMMD1 Action in Hepatocellular Copper Export"
Faculty Mentor:   Jason Burkhead, Biological Sciences
Jessica Schwartz Proposal

2009-10 Alaska Heart Institute Fellowships

Doug (John) Franklin (BS Engineering)
"Ultrasonic Gum Tissue Sounder"
Faculty Mentor:  Anthony Paris, Engineering
Doug (John) Franklin Proposal

Tessa Kara

Tessa Kara (BS Mechanical Engineering)
"Acceleration of the Head from Impacts During Soccer Heading"
Faculty Mentor:  Anthony Paris, Engineering
Tessa Kara Proposal

Mallory Givens (BA History)
"Developmental Changes in the Myosin Heavy Chain (MHC) Expression in Harp Seal"
Faculty Mentor:  Jennifer Burns, Biological Sciences
Mallory Givens Proposal

2008-09 Alaska Heart Institute Fellowships

Shira Wolfe (BS Natural Sciences)
"What Role Does Serine 122 of Histone H2A Serve in DNA Damage Repair Pathways?"
Faculty Mentor: Jocelyn Krebs, Biology
Shira Wolfe Proposal

Danielle Kusmider (BS Biological Sciences)
"Expression of MRF4 During Early Xenopus Development"
Faculty Mentor: Tim Hinterberger, WWAMI
Danielle Kusmider Proposal

Oksana Miller (BS Biological Sciences)
"Establishment of Nicotine and Cotinine Protocol Using Agilent LC-MS/MS; Determination of Vitamin D Levels in smokers and never-smokers"
Faculty Mentor: Cindy Knall, WWAMI
Oksana Miller Proposal

Cody Rall

Cody Rall (BS Biology)
"Copper Homeostasis: Histone Modification at the Cup1 Locus"
Faculty Mentor: Jocelyn Krebs, Biology
Cody Rall Proposal 

Nikki Skomp

Nicolette Skomp (BS Biology)
"Anaerobic and Aerobic Enzyme Activity in Harp and Hooded Seal Cardiac Tissue"
Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Burns, Biology
Nicolette Skomp Proposal

Alex Bonnecaze

Alex Bonnecaze (BS Biology)
"The Role of Leucine and BCAAs in Regulating Protein Synthesis in Myotubes"
Faculty Mentor: Tim Hinterberger, WWAMI
Alex Bonnecaze Proposal

Alaska Heart Institute Supplement Grant

Alex Bergeron (BSE, Mechanical Engineering)
"Spinal Rod Fatigue Testing and Analysis "
Faculty Mentor: Anthony Paris, Engineering

2007 - 2008 Alaska Heart Institute Fellowships

Trevor Thomas

Trevor Ray Thomas (BS Biology)
"Role of Williams Syndrome Transcription Factor in Xenopus laevis"
Faculty Mentor: Jocelyn Krebs, Biological Sciences
Trevor Ray Thomas Proposal
Trevor Ray Thomas Final Report

2006 - 2007 Alaska Heart Institute Fellowships

Steve Wolfe

Stephen Wolfe (BS Biology)
"Does a normobaric hypoxia sleep regimen affect work performance at high altitude?"
Faculty Mentor: C. Loren Buck, Biology
Stephen Wolfe Proposal

Nancy Bishop

Nancy Bishop (BS Biology)
"Myoglobin Concentrations and Acid Buffering Capacity in Seal Cardiac Tissue"
Faculty Mentor:  Jennifer Burns, Biology
Nancy Bishop Proposal 
Nancy Bishop Final Report

Mindy Graham

Mindy Graham (BS Chemistry)
"Panton-Valentine leukocidin expression in community associated methicillin resistant Staphyloccocus aureus from rural Alaska"
Faculty Mentor: John Kennish, Chemistry
Mindy Graham Proposal

Blaine Shillington

Blaine Shillington (BS Engineering)
"Construction and Validation of an In Vitro Exposure System"
Faculty Mentor: Cindy Knall, WWAMI
Blaine Shillington Proposal 
Blaine Shillington Final Report