Three UAA undergraduate students were awarded 2011 INBRE Undergraduate Research Awards. Gaelen Dwyer, a Biological Sciences major, was mentored by Cindy Knall. Kirsten Penland, a Natural Sciences major, was mentored by Liliya Vugmeyster. Victoria Ray, a Biological Sciences major, was mentored by Frank Von Hippel.

Two UAA Biological Sciences majors were awarded 2010 INBRE Undergraduate Research Awards. Anastasia Khadjinova was mentored byLiliya Vugmeyster, and Garrett Prokosch was mentored by Jocelyn Krebs.

Three UAA Biological Sciences majors were awarded 2009 INBRE Undergraduate Research Awards. Amanda Fitzgerald, Stephanie Kohler, and Garrett Prokosch all were mentored by faculty member Jocelyn Krebs.

UAA Biological Sciences major Jason Bell was awarded a Spring 2008 INBRE undergraduate research grant.  He will be working with Dr. Jocelyn Krebs, Biology, on a project entitled "Histone H2A and Mitochondrial Function in Saccharomyces cerevisiae."  Amanda Fitzgerald, also mentored by Jocelyn Krebs, Eun-Young Pak, mentored by Miki li, and Tina Tha Tran, mentored by KJ Min, also receieved Summer 2008 INBRE undergraduate research Grants

UAA Biological Sciences and Mathematics major Jayelene Duarte was awarded a Fall 2007 and Spring 2008 INBRE undergraduate research grant.  She will be working with Dr. Dave Pfeiffer, Biology, on a project entitled "The effects of long term stress on the cetacean adrenal cortex." 

UAA Biological Sciences major Cassie Iutzi-Mitchell was awarded a Fall 2007 INBRE undergraduate research grant.  She will be working with Dr. Jocelyn Krebs on a project entitled "Dissection of ISWI Function in neural development in transgenic Xenopus.  Cassie graduated from UAA in 2005 with a degree in Languages.  After doing a research Fulbright in Ecuador, Cassie has returned to UAA to get a second bachelors degree in Biology.  She will be starting medical school in the Fall of 2008 through the WWAMI Biomedical Program. 

UAA Biological Sciences major Steve Wolfe was awarded a summer 2007 INBRE undergraduate research experience (USRE) grant to work on his project entitled "Does a normobaric hypoxia sleep regimen affect work performance at high altitude?"  Steve will be working with Dr. Loren Buck, Biology, and Dr. Paul Cutter, WWAMI.  He has also received funding from the Alaska Heart Institute Fellowship Program for this study.    

Holly MartinsonUAA Chemistry major Holly Martinson was awarded a 2006 INBRE undergraduate summer research experience (USRE) grant of $7,000 to complete her project entitled “Persistent Organic Pollutants Analysis in Saxidomus giganteus and Siliqua patula in Cook Inlet, Alaska”. The purpose of this study is to determine the level of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in butter and razor clams from Cook Inlet.  Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and various pesticides commonly known as persistent organic pollutants (POPs) are known compounds that pose a significant risk to public health and the environment. The results of Holly’s study will be useful for determining POPs guidelines for clams in the Cook Inlet area.  These bivalves constitute a significant subsistence food source for the residents living along the inlet.

Reem SheikhUAA Biological Sciences major and Honors Program student Reem Sheikh is the recipient of a 2005 Alaska INBRE USPS Award for her proposal "Contribution of Activated Aryl Hydrocarbon receptor to Mucin Gene Expression Associated with Asthma." Sheikh will receive $1500 which funds research expenses and a student stipend.