Undergraduate Research Grants

2011-2012 Undergraduate Research Grant Recipients

Fall 2011 Grant Recipients

Brody Bessire (Chemistry): "Self-Contruction of Complex Forms: Mimicking Biological Growth as a New Technology for Complex Nano Structures"
Faculty Mentor: Jerzy Maselko, Chemistry
Brody Bessire Proposal

Stephanie Burt (Civil Engineering): "Disinfectant Demand of Sulfur Based H202 Quenching Intermediates After UV Advanced Oxidation of Drinking Water"
Faculty Mentor: Aaron Dotson
Stephanie Burt Proposal

Nathaniel Chriest (Sociology and Environment & Society): "Do Eco-labels Effect Consumer Choice?"
Faculty Mentor: Zeynep Kilic, Sociology
Nathaniel Chrlest Proposal

Andrew Cochrane, Brian Oliver, Elliot Larsen, & Thomas Van Thiel (Engineering): "Measuring Force with the Gum Sounder"
Faculty Mentor: Anthony Paris, Engineering
Andrew Cochrane Proposal

Kaelin Ellis, Grant Birmingham, Lilan Smith, & Julia DelSignore (Mechanical Engineering): "Accelerations of the Head due to Soccer Ball Heading"
Faculty Mentors: Jennifer McFerran Brock and Anthony Paris, Mechanical Engineering
Kaelin Ellis Proposal

Tom Gill (Civil Engineering): "A Practical Thin Shell Concrete Roof Design for Rural and Impoverished Communities"
Faculty Mentor: Scott Hamel, Civil Engineering
Proposal Currently Unavailable

Rebecca Jordan (Chemistry): "Polychlorinated Biphenyls and Trace Metals in Matanuska and Exit Glaciers, Alaska"
Faculty Mentor: John Kennish, Chemistry
Rebecca Jordan Proposal

Ezekiel Kaufman (Justice): "Jury Selection in Alaska: a Qualitative Analysis into the Challenges of Voir Dire in Rural Court Trials"
Faculty Mentor: Deborah Periman
Ezekiel Kaufman Proposal

Jasen Kinter (Computer Systems Engineering): "Self Healing Distributed Overlay for Highly Mobile Applications"
Faculty Mentor: Sun-il Kim, Engineering
Proposal Currently Unavailable

Jessica Ladd (Biology): "Physiological & Behavioral Changes Associated with Arctic Ground Squirrels"
Faculty Mentor: Loren Buck, Biology
Jessica Ladd Proposal

Alyssa Logan (History): "Perpetrators of Genocide"
Faculty Mentor: William Myers, History
Alyssa Logan Proposal

Jordan Love (Sociology): "Gender Stereotypes in Disney Films"
Faculty Mentor: Nelta Edwards, Sociology
Jordan Love Proposal

John Mathot (Biological Sciences): "Determining the Expression Patterns of Transcription Factor MRF4 in Developing Zenopus Laevis Embryos"
Faculty Mentor: Caroline Wilson, Biology
John Mathot Proposal

Joseph Mintz (Psychology): "Hedonic Scaling in the Rat: Towards an Absolute Measure of Reinforcer Value"
Faculty Mentor: Eric Murphy
Joseph Mintz Proposal

Katy Sanders (Interdisciplinary Studies: Gender): "Undergraduate Student' Perceptions of Planned Home-Birth"
Faculty Mentor: Nelta Edwards, Sociology
Katy Sanders Proposal

Kent Spiers (Sociology): "I Am The Same Kid As Yesterday: Youth Homelessness and Sexual Orientation"
Faculty Mentor: Nelta Edwards, Sociology
Kent Spiers Proposal

Nancy Stallings (Fine Art): "Our Bodies, Our Stories"
Faculty Mentor: Garry Kaulitz
Nancy Stallings Proposal

Holly Thorssin (Anthropology): "Archaeobotany of the Central Aleutian Islands"
Faculty Mentor: Diane Hanson
Holly Thorssin Proposal