Honors College Governance

The University Honors College governance structure consists of four advisory groups appointed by the Honors College Dean.

University Honors College Advisory Board

The University Honors College Advisory Board is an external community advisory body to the Honors College Dean.

Chair: Brian Meissner

Sharon Gagnon
Tom Nighswander
William Clark
Larry Cash
Deena Paramo
Christopher Dyke
Alex Hills
James Hemsath
Brian Franklin
Elisha Martin
Sarah Barton

University Honors College Council

The University Honors College Council serves as the primary governance body for the College. It advises the Honors College Dean in all matters including curriculum development, program review, and assessment.

Task Force for Undergraduate Research & Scholarship

"Creating an institution of first choice for Alaskans requires the development of an institutional culture of discovery--research and creativity-- at the University of Alaska Anchorage.  Discovery, engagement, and accountability are central to the success of UAA as an institution of first choice. Incorporating discovery into the entry level of higher education represents a paradigm shift meant to engage students in the process of critical thinking, inquiry, and systematic research early in their experience to help mold objectivity, creativity and civic responsibility in our graduates."

-- Task Force Recommendation (2002)

The Task Force on Undergraduate Research and Scholarship is charged with making recommendations to the Dean for creating and implementing opportunities for the following:

  • Fostering undergraduate research as an integral element of the undergraduate experience at UAA
  • Promoting a culture of inspired learning and engaged teaching through the integration of research and scholarship across the curriculum
  • Developing, highlighting and supporting an active pool of faculty mentors across all UAA schools and colleges
  • Developing approaches to enhance and coordinate existing undergraduate research and scholarship  programs and the funding for those programs
  • Promoting the participation of students and faculty mentors in the Undergraduate Research  & Discovery Symposium
  • Providing leadership to advance faculty opportunities and incentives to integrate research/creative activities inside and outside of their classrooms

Fall 2018-Spring 2019 Task Force on Undergraduate Research & Scholarship

Chair: Eric S. Murphy (Psychology, College of Arts & Sciences)
Major Scholarships: Francisco Miranda (Faculty Associate, OURS, UHC; Languages, College of Arts & Sciences)
Dean and Acting OURS Director: John M. Mouracade (University Honors College)


Heather Brook Adams (English, College of Arts & Sciences)
Donna Aguiniga (Social Work, College of Health)
Jonathan Alevy (Economics, College of Business & Public Policy)
Ray Anthony (Philosophy, College of Arts & Sciences)
Jennifer Aschoff (Geological Sciences, College of Arts & Sciences)
Rachael Ball (History, College of Arts & Sciences)
Stephanie Bauer (Philosophy, College of Arts & Sciences)
Anna Bjartmarsdottir (Instruction & Research, Consortium Library)
Deborah Boege-Tobin (Katchemak Bay Campus, Kenai Peninsula College)
Page Brannon (Instruction & Research, Consortium Library)
Jennifer Brock (Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering)
Martin Cenek (Computer Science, College of Engineering)
Joel Condon (Construction Management, Community & Technical College)
Clare Dannenberg (English & Anthropology, College of Arts & Sciences)
Herminia Din (Art, College of Arts & Sciences)
Mouhcine Guettabi (Economics & Public Policy, Institute of Social & Economic Research)
Carrie King (Dietetics & Nutrition, Community & Technical College)
Gwen Lupfer (Psychology, College of Arts & Sciences)
Colin M. McGill (Chemistry, College of Arts & Sciences)
Christine Michel (Nursing, College of Health)
Francisco Miranda (Languages, College of Arts & Sciences)
Kenrick Mock (Computer Science, College of Engineering)
Eric S. Murphy (Psychology, College of Arts & Sciences)
Kathleen Nevis (Natural Sciences, Matanuska-Susitna College)
Kathryn Ohle (Early Childhood Education, College of Education)
Yasuhiro Ozuru (Psychology, College of Arts & Sciences)
Anthony Paris (Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering)
Brian Partridge (Katchemak Bay Campus, Kenai Peninsula College)
Troy Payne (Justice Center, College of Health)
Pat Tomco (Chemistry, College of Arts & Sciences)
Sharyl Toscano (Nursing, College of Health)
Caixia Wang (Geomatics, College of Engineering)
Qiujie “Angie” Zheng (Economics & Public Policy, College of Business & Public Policy)

University Honors Student Advisory Board

The University Honors Student Advisory Board (UHSAB) advises the Dean of the University Honors College concerning academic and student activities issues and integrates the student voice into the vision and development of the College.

Qualifications for UHSAB Membership:

Members of the Board are UHC students selected by the Dean of the University Honors College. Students must be of good character and possess strong leadership skills and school spirit. They must maintain a 3.3 GPA or higher. Once a student is a member of the Board, she/he must regularly attend Board meetings and advance Board initiatives.

Any questions about the Student Council (University Honors Student Advisory Board) should be directed to: