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Honors Designated Courses

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Honors Sections of General Education Courses (GERs)

Every semester, students will be able to take honors sections of select Tier I and Tier II general education requirements (GERs). In order to receive credit toward their honors academic requirements, students must register for one of the specific sections designated for Honors students. The specific course sections that will be offered as honors-designated may change every semester, so students should first consult with their honors advisor to ensure they register for the appropriate course.

 Spring 2022 - Honors GERs

Tier I

Fund. of Oral Communication - COMM A111 (211), CRN: 32564

Writing & The Professions - WRTG A212 (203), CRN: 34039

College Algebra for Calculus - MATH A151 (201), CRN: 33300

Tier II

Western Civilization I - HIST A101 (202), CRN: 33125

General Psychology - PSY A111 (205), CRN: 33766

Methods of Inquiry - URS A121 (201), CRN: 33974


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Fall 2022 - Honors GERs

Fundamentals of Oral Communication - COMM A111 (603), CRN: 76477

Western Civilization I - HIST A101 (101), CRN: 71657

US History to 1865 - HIST A131 (807), CRN: 71665

College Algebra for Calculus - MATH A151 (201), CRN: 71861

Lifespan Development - PSY A150 (803), CRN: 72355

Elementary Statistics - STAT A200 (602), CRN: 72476

Writing Across Contexts -WRTG A111 (601), CRN: 72592

Writing and the Humanities - WRTG A211 (805), CRN: 726939

Writing and the Professions - WRTG A212 (801), CRN: 72641