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Leadership Track

Student leader stands in front of Save UA rally

Track Description

Students who complete the Leadership track will develop the knowledge, skills and disposition required to function as a leader in any field. Participants in the Leadership Track will undertake a diverse course of studies and experiences designated within the track.

Students graduating with Honors in Leadership will demonstrate the ability to develop and execute a vision that involves others to work collaboratively towards a shared goal.


Degree Pathways

Bachelor Degree

  • Twenty-four (24) units are required to earn Honors Scholar in Leadership.

    • At least 9 units must be academic credits in the honors track plan.

    • At least 6 units must be experiential units in the honors track plan.
  • Students must complete an Honors ePortfolio about their honors experience.

Associate Degree

  • Twelve (12) units are required to earn Honors Associate in Leadership.

    • At least 6 units must be academic credits in their honors track plan.

    • At least 3 units must be experiential units in their honors track plan. 

  • Students must complete an Honors ePortfolio about their honors experience.


Academic Courses

Honors GER Courses:

Note: Maximum of 9 credits can be taken for Honors Credit; Specific sections offered changed every semester - consult with your advisor what is available before registering for courses.

Tier I Departments:

  • COMM - Communications
  • MATH - Math
  • WRTG - Writing

*Only Honors designated sections will count towards Honors GER credits. Check with your advisor before registering for courses.

Tier II Departments:

  • HIST - History
  • PSY - Psychology
  • URS - Undergraduate Research

*Only Honors designated sections will count towards Honors GER credits. Check with your advisor before registering for courses.


Leadership Engaged or Focused Courses:

  • Approved disciplinary course with leadership component (3 units, repeatable)
  • Approved Tier II GER course with leadership component (3 units)
  • 395/495 Internship with leadership focus (3 units); can be applied to experiential units requirement
  • 499 Thesis (leadership focus, 3-6 units)

Leadership-focused Co-Curricular/Extracurricular Activities:

To receive Honors Credit, students must consult with the faculty board for approval on all Leadership-focused Activities prior to starting the activity.

 Student talking into a microphone at a debate competition

Honors-eligible Activities:

  • USUAA elected position (3 units/year; max. 6 units)
  • Ted Stevens Legislative Internship (if academic credit is not earned) (3 units)
  • Seawolf Debate (3 units/year; max. 6 units)
  • Model United Nations Secretariat (3 units/year; max. 6 units)
  • Resident Advisor or Peer Academic & Wellness Leader (3 units; max. 6 units)
  • Tom Case Leadership Fellows Program (3 units)
  • Annual CBPP Business Plan Competition Finalist or Winner (1-3 units)
  • Develop and host community event (1-3 units/event; max. 6 units)
  • Student Position on a major UAA Council, Board, or Committee (1-3 units; max. 6 units)

 For a full list of what activities will fulfill Honors units, consult the honors pathway requirements document. 


Unique Leadership Experience

To help you customize your experience in the Honors College, every student is able to propose unique experiences related to your track, that you feel will provide educational benefits to increasing the breadth or depth of your college work and experiences. Note that you must consult with the Honors Board Faculty and receive formal approval prior to starting your unique experience.

  • ___________________ (0.5 - 3 units each)


Honors Story ePortfolio

All Honors students are required to submit an Honors ePortfolio as their culminating project. The ePortfolio should include materials and reflections from the courses and activities completed to earn Honors and a summative reflection about their Honors experience. Students are encouraged to consult with Track faculty and be creative in the presentation of their Honors story.

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