Research & Creative Activity

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Track Description

The Honors in Research and Creative Activity track provides a pathway for students to demonstrate knowledge, skills, and confidence in conducting research or creative activity appropriate to their chosen discipline. Through participation in the track, students develop their skills under the guidance of one or more faculty mentors.

Students graduating with Honors in Research and Creative Activity will demonstrate the ability to work through a research or creative process, which may include: conception or question formulation; background research; proposal; methodology; craft strategies; implementation; analysis; reflection; revision; exhibition/presentation/performance; and dissemination.


Research & Creative Activity Faculty


  • Tracey Burke, Lead Track Faculty
  • Martha Amore
  • Colin McGill
  • Vinod Vasudevan

Office Hours:

Honors Track faculty are off-contract for summer semester. For questions related to Honors over the summer, please contact Honors Academic Board Chair, Donna Aguiniga at

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Honors Scholars Highlights

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Research & Creative Activity Track requirements:

Graduating with Honors is available to both Associate and Bachelor degree-seeking students, though each has a separate set of requirements. Go to the Research & Creative Activity Track Requirements page to see what is required to graduate with honors.

Research & Creative Activity Requirements


Portfolio Requirements: Share your Honors story

Every Honors College student will create an ePortfolio showcasing their Honors experiences and academic accomplishments. To learn more about these ePortfolios, and what they should encompass, select the link below.

Honors ePortfolios


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