Learn more about the Scholar experience in BUILD EXITO

BUILD EXITO is an undergraduate research-training program that supports students on their pathway to become scientific researchers.  University of Alaska Anchorage is one of 10 colleges and universities to participate in BUILD EXITO.

The BUILD EXITO Model aims to identify students early in their college career and engage them in finding solutions to today's major health problems.  Students must be enrolled at UAA (or another of the BUILD EXITO partnering community colleges and universities) and get accepted when they have three years left to degree completion. 

During their first summer in the program, accepted students spend a week together at our New Scholar Orientation in Portland, OR (travel expenses are paid) where they get an overview of the program, a chance to learn from incredible researchers, the opportunity to build relationships with the other students in their cohort, and practice developing and articulating research interests.  After our New Scholar Orientation, Scholars spend their first program year attending Enrichment Sessions and working with a faculty and peer mentor at UAA.  They also take a Gateway to Research Course that lays the foundation for successful entrance into biomedical research opportunities. * 

Program year two and three of EXITO** include additional Enrichment Sessions, faculty mentoring, and hands-on research experiences. 

*EXITO guarantees the 18-19 Scholars (Cohort 5) our New Scholar Orientation.

**The current funding cycle ends on June 30, 2019.  All grant-funded program activities after that date are contingent on renewed funding.