Publication and Presentation

Students need to be able to think critically and formulate a well-researched paper on their project. Recipients of OURS-sponsored grants and awards are required to submit a final report or other material as specified by the terms of the grant.

UAA offers undergraduates opportunities to publish their work.  Students who present their research or creative projects at the Undergraduate Research and Discovery Symposium have their abstracts published in the Annual Proceedings of the Undergraduate Research Symposium.  Student work that is selected for inclusion in the UAA Student Showcase is published in the Annual Showcase Journal.  Undergraduates should also consult with their faculty mentors to learn about additional venues for publishing their work.

Psychology major Jessica Reyna presents her research at the 2006 Undergraduate Research & Discovery Symposium.

Psychology major Jessica Reyna presents her research at the 2006 Undergraduate Research & Discovery Symposium


Students also need to be able to present their research interests and results in writing as well as orally. It is crucial they know how to present what they have researched effectively.

We encourage students to attend symposia and conferences both as presenters and attendees in order to stay abreast of developments in their area of study. UAA offers the opportunity for undergraduates to present their research at the Undergraduate Research Symposium, which is held annually in spring. Students may present in a variety of formats, including orally (which includes musical or artistic performances) or through a poster or display.

For more publication and presentation opportunities, be sure to explore the Opportunities area of this site. 

Also, the Undergraduate Journals and Conferences Directory (UJCD) encourages undergraduate scholarship by facilitating the development and use of undergraduate publications and conferences.  The UJCD lists journals, electronic and paper, and conferences, that will consider undergraduate student essays, research papers, poetry, short fiction, photography, cartoons, art, etc., without regard to the undergraduate student’s institutional affiliation. Site administrators regularly visit journal and conference web sites and eliminate those that appear to have ceased publishing and whose web sites are badly out of date.  The UJCD currently lists 38 different undergraduate publications and several conferences.