AI&e Innovations

Dr. Toby Long

Asst. Professor of Chemistry, KPC

Tech Fellows Cohort 2016-17

"One of my "aha" moments:  that I could engage the students into the project and allow them to contribute to the future learning for students who are coming into the program."

~-Toby Long

Dr. Elizabeth Dennison

Professor of History, UAA

Tech Fellows Cohort 2016-17

"I need to move my class online, here are my overhead transparencies."

- Liz Dennison

Chef Naomi Everett

Assistant Professor Culinary Arts, UAA

Tech Fellows Cohort 2016-17

 "I had to get over my own fears, that I wasn't teaching the way I had always taught and embrace this new technology."

-Chef Naomi Everett


Academic Innovations and eLearning
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