Faculty Semester Guides

RPNow Powered by Software Secure logo and linked to RPNow webpageThe staff at eLearning would like to welcome you to online education at UAA. We are eager to work side by side with you & your students to ensure a smooth semester. As eLearning has grown over the years, we have also increased our support services. For faculty teaching online classes, you have the resources of Academic Innovations & eLearning (AI&e) at your hands. The office of AI&e has services to help with course design, professional development, and multimedia. eLearning has a contract with Software Secure's Remote Proctor Now (RPNow) to offer online proctored exams that students can complete at home on their own device. You can read more about online testing with RPNow but clicking on the above logo. For more resources, information, and dates please review the information packet and complete the faculty information form detailed below.

Proctored Exams

The eLearning office can support you, your students, and your course through proctored exams. If your online course will require proctored exams this semester, please complete our Faculty & Exam Information form online.

This form will help our office proctor exams for students in Anchorage as well as distribute materials to other testing sites for students outside of Anchorage. Additional exam materials (paper exams, handouts, etc.) can be forwarded to uaa_eLearning@alaska.edu.

Complete the Faculty & Exam Information Form OnlineComplete the Faculty & Exam Information Form Online

eLearning Test Center in Anchorage

For testing in Anchorage, the UAA eLearning: Distance Student Services Testing Center is located in the Gordon Hartlieb Hall (GHH) Room 103. Our testing hours for the current semester can be found online. View the UAA eLearning Test Center Hours.

Testing Outside of Anchorage

Students Testing outside of Anchorage are responsible for submitting a Request a Proctor form online at the beginning of the semester. Students are responsible for making the necessary arrangements directly with their proctor.

Online Testing with RPNow

Remote Proctor Now (RPNow) by Software Secure is an online remote proctoring service. RPNow offers students a way to take their online, proctored exams at home and on their own time. With internet access, a web cam, and a microphone, students can complete their proctored exams without having to travel to, schedule, or pay another physical test center. UAA eLearning has secured a contract with RPNow so there will be no additional cost to students in a UAA eLearning/online course. Read more about Online Testing with RPNow.

Exam Accommodations

There may be times when a student requests to test outside of original exam dates. In such cases, students will be directed to get permission from their professor to take the exam early or late.

  • Students must contact their professor for permission before the exam is administered.
  • Emails giving permission must be forwarded to our office at uaa_eLearning@alaska.edu before a student begins their exam.
  • A scheduled appointment does not indicate that permission has been granted.

For special exam accommodations, students will need to complete the necessary paperwork through UAA’s Disability Support Services Office and verify the accommodations with the instructor.

Enable your course in Blackboard

New courses in Blackboard are not available for students until you make them available. This means that you, as the instructor, need to turn on or enable your course(s) so they become visible to your students in Blackboard. Your students have been directed to access your course syllabus through Blackboard so it's important that you enable your course(s) no later than the first day of class each semester.

Semester Start Dates:

How to Enable Your Course:

  • Log in to Blackboard; select your course.
  • Under Course Management on the left panel, select Control Panel.
  • Select Customization.
  • Select Properties.
  • Under Set Availability, select Yes.
  • Click Submit.

Blackboard Exam Options

The eLearning Office has some general suggestions based on experience for instructors and students to help create a smooth testing experience with Blackboard. Below are some suggestions for instructors to incorporate into their online testing:

  • Create a test in Blackboard
    • Create, edit, and upload exams in Blackboard by accessing your course and then finding the left hand navigation > Course Tools > Tests, Surveys, and Pools.
    • Question Types – Includes 17 different types of questions such as multiple choice, true/false, multiple answer, fill in the blanks, essay, and more.
    • Questions Settings – Allow partial credit or extra credit. Change how questions are displayed.
  • Exam Set-up:
    • Click the link above to learn more about the different options for your Blackboard test.
    • Timer – Recommended time limits to be <1.5 - 2 hours.
    • Test Presentation: All-At-Once – When questions are presented one at a time, students are frequently booted from exams by clicking the Back Navigation button in an attempt to review past questions.
    • Randomize Questions to help keep integrity of the exam.
    • Test Results and Feedback to Students – There are many options that you can adjust to tell Blackboard what to show students when they have completed the exam. These range from showing them nothing to showing them all questions and answers and anything in-between.
  • Technical Recommendations:
    • Have students conduct a Blackboard Browser Check before taking an exam
    • Encourage students to take tests on an ethernet internet connection. WiFi connections are acceptable but a Public WiFi setting has frequent disruptions which may result in issues.
  • Reporting Exam Issues:
    • Blackboard exam issues should be reported to the IT Call Center. This will help track exam failures and respond faster to potential Blackboard problems.
      • Report by calling (907-786-4646 #9)
      • Useful information for reporting issues include the Student ID#, CRN, Exam, date/time of occurrence, and internet connection type (i.e. ethernet, WiFi-Private, WiFi-Public).

Getting Ready to Use Collaborate

Collaborate is a powerful, flexible tool provided by Blackboard for holding synchronous online classes, office hours, student meetings, and more.

Getting Started

Do you have students asking you what they are supposed to do before class starts?

Many faculty have “pre-assignments” to give to their students – have you considered directing your students to complete our “Getting Started” list? This is a list put together by the eLearning Office to help students get ready for their online courses. Students who are new to eLearning will benefit from completing these tasks before the semester starts.

eLearning Student Support PowerPoint Slide

We have created a one slide overview of our support services for online students. The purpose of this slide is for instructors to share with their students as they see fit. Please feel free to add this to your course content, materials, or as an extra slide in a PowerPoint you may already have.

Set Up Proctored Exams

Students are often confused about proctored exams and how to set them up. Our office can handle any questions or concerns about proctored exams – feel free to post our contact information and direct students to call or email us.

Students will need to complete a couple of steps for their proctored exams. If you are wondering what students need to do, see the below message we send to students. It is also welcomed and encouraged to post the below message as an announcement in Blackboard.

This course will have proctored exams. Make sure you complete the following steps. Do not wait until the week of your exam to start this process!

  1. Complete your Request a Proctor form online – this form designates your proctor site and is due at the beginning of each semester.
  2. Make the necessary appointments directly with your proctor site. Students located in Anchorage can request appointments online.

These steps are required for each student in a UAA online course with proctored exams. Be proactive and complete these steps now to save yourself time and stress down the road.

eLearning: Distance Student Services

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