aie-eportfolioPortfolios, electronic or paper, are spaces where one can collect artifacts and curate work. An ePortfolio allows for a digitalized collection of artifacts geared towards a certain purpose and a particular audience. For example, a Professional ePortfolio that includes resume information and shows projects; a course ePortfolio that includes course work, reflection or observations on process and progress, and peer reviews/feedback; a research ePortfolio that showcases inquiry, research, and discovery; and much more.

Artifacts, or items/data included in the ePortfolio, can include a variety of mediums, such as text-based works, graphics, audio tracks, and/or multimedia elements, that are either uploaded to the ePortfolio, hyperlinked, or hosted on an outside website like YouTube.

ePortfolios can be more than a collection of artifacts though. It can also serve as a classroom, a space to collect thoughts and brainstorm, a collaborative space for group projects, and more.

While there might be some guidelines surrounding a course ePortfolio, an ePortfolio is driven by the creator, and can allow students to take ownership of the learning process. Folio-thinking (Chen and Mazow, 2002; Chen Cannon, Gabrio, and Leifer, 2005; Chen, 2009) encourages students to connect all aspects of learning including the process, rather than just the final product. In addition, folio-thinking tries to connect learning that happens both within and outside of the classroom. Students select the best work to include, make the final decisions about how to showcase or curate that work, and reflect or observe what they did and how they did it. In other words, students focus on what they know, how they know it, how to apply it and where it fits in the world.   

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