About eWolf ePortfolio

An ePortfolio is a space where one can collect and curate a digitalized collection of artifacts geared towards a certain purpose and a particular audience. ePortfolio’s are driven by the creator and artifacts can include a variety of mediums, such as text-based works, graphics, audio tracks, and/or multimedia elements. ePortfolios can also serve as a classroom, a space to brainstorm or collect thoughts, or even as a collaborative space for group projects. 

Folio-thinking encourages students to connect all aspects of learning including the process and the learning that happens both within and outside of the classroom. Portfolios allow students to focus on what they know, how they know it, how to apply it and where it fits in the world.  (Chen and Mazow, 2002; Chen Cannon, Gabrio, and Leifer, 2005; Chen, 2009) More than a space to archive work, portfolios allow and invite students to reflect in broader personal and intellectual contexts. 

Programs across UAA have used portfolios for many years, both paper and electronic, however, up until the creation of the ePortfolio Working Group (eWG) in 2010, there hasn't been a university wide initiative nor a specific platform utilized for the use of digital ePortfolios. The eWG was charged with 1) researching various ePortfolio tools in order to assess what platform the university could implement and support and 2) exploring ways in which academic programs could use student learning outcome based eportfolios for teaching, learning, assessment and showcasing. This two year project culminated with the eWGs final report and recommendations to move forward. In 2014, UAA contracted with one of the education community's leading providers of ePortfolio services, Digication. 

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