Quality Matters

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Grounded in research. Driven by best practices. Continuous. Centered. Collegial. Collaborative. The QM Program relies on these "core principles" to create a culture of continuous improvement so you deliver on your promise day after day, semester after semester. Researched-based Rubrics and Standards provide objective, evidence-based ways to evaluate the components of online learning. 

QM's Mission

  • Development of current research-supported, and practice-based quality standards and appropriate evaluation tools and procedures.
  • Recognition of expertise in online education, quality assurance, and evaluation.
  • Fostering a culture of continuous improvement by integrating QM standards and processes into organizational plans to improve the quality of online education.
  • Providing professional development in the use of rubrics, tools and practices to improve the quality of online education.
  • Peer review and certification of quality in online education.

Academic Innovations & eLearning

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