Instructional Design & Development

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Our faculty support team's goal is universal access to online, hybrid and technology-enhanced courses in the framework of module, course and program design. Whether it’s simply building a learning object or tackling the design and development of an entire program for online learning, our team can help from initial design all the way through delivery. UAA is committed to ensuring that all of its students – regardless of challenges, may achieve their academic goals. To that end, we can assist you in learning how to find or produce fully accessible course content.

Design & Development Services 

Course & Program Design

We can help as you prepare to make your program available to learners in an online or hybrid environment. AI&e will work with you with needs assessment, design and development planning, professional development and peer review. We can also help you refresh an individual course - perhaps a textbook has changed, the course has become dated or you just feel the need to do an overhaul.

Learning Objects

Our designers will build or teach faculty members to build custom learning objects for use with eLearning in any environment. Modules can be standalone on the web, plugged into a Blackboard course, or made available for mobile devices.

Technology Support & Consultations

Occasionally faculty members need advice on or troubleshooting help with academic technologies. We can help with all of our core tools or point you in some useful directions to explore. Contact us at 907.786-4496 or via email if you have a question or want to schedule a consultation. 

Many campuses and colleges have their own instructional designers! Find your designer

Students with a need for specific accommodations may contact the Disability Support Services office at 907.786.4530

Academic Innovations & eLearning

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