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UAA's Teaching Academy Events are supported by UAA's Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence (CAFE), Center for Community Engagement and Learning (CCEL), and Academic Innovations & eLearning (AI&e). The events are open to all UAA faculty. Events are available in-person and virtually, using either Blackboard Collaborate or Google Hangouts on Air, please review the schedule for locations and virtual session links. See Academy Event Resources for past event sessions, recordings and resources. 

Workshop Descriptions

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  • Assessment of General Education (2 Sessions)

    Session 1: Integrating GER Outcomes across the Curriculum. Intended for:
    Part- and full-time faculty at all levels

    Session 2: Integrating High Impact Practices into the GER.
    UAA has a number of robust programs and centers that support High-Impact Practices in high education, tested, evidence-based teaching and learning practices that are known to result in benefits for students from a wide range of backgrounds. At present, most students encounter these powerful practices and pedagogies by chance. What would happen if students encountered them in a more reliable and intentional way? In this session you'll become familiar with some of the HIPs in use at UAA, and will consider options for adopting such practices in your course. It may be that you're already doing things that align with a HIP and you could move more fully into a particular HIP by making only minor changes in your course(s).  Intended for: Part- and full-time faculty at all levels; may be of particular interest to those teaching General Education courses

  • Course Navigation & Design: Using Blackboard To Build an Online Course
    This session will detail how to use Blackboard to design your online course environment. Navigation, essential components, and communication planning. We will cover tool use and locations and give examples of using Blackboard components to design clean and quality navigation.
  • Community-Engaged Teaching: Where to Go and Where to Grow  
    This session, utilizing a very effective high-impact practice, will be appropriate for beginners to faculty more experienced  with community engagement, since this is a mountain with no top.  Designing a community-engaged experience in a course can range from what to put in your syllabus to how you develop community partnership(s) or designing assignments that integrate applied experience, direct or indirect, with course readings and reflection. Join us with an idea or a course in mind or listen in for ideas or future plans! Intended for: Part- and full-time faculty at all levels.
  • Creating and Posting Accessible Course Content 
    Are your course documents (like assignments and syllabi) and additional video content accessible to all students? Come learn how to review and update course content to create appropriate options for students who experience disabilities related to mobility, hearing, vision, or other challenges? UAA is committed to ensuring that all of its students – regardless of disability or other challenges – can accomplish their academic goals. In this workshop, faculty will explore principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), an approach to designing courses and assignments in a way that serves all users and avoids segregating or stigmatizing any students. Bring selected course materials for this term (your syllabus is a good place to start) and learn ways to make sure these key materials are accessible.
  • Essential Elements for Course Design
    This session reviews the essential components of an online course design, these will include Getting Started, Communication Planning, course navigation and course design examples. This session is good for all faculty teaching at UAA. 
  • Evidence of Teaching Effectiveness: Strategies to Develop & Demonstrate Teaching Excellence
    Looking for ways to demonstrate that what you’re doing is achieving learning outcomes? Are  you sure your teaching and learning approach is benefitting students? This session will offer three specific practices that will enable you to know how well you’re doing as a professional educator. Intended for: Part- and full-time faculty at all levels; may be of particular interest to those completing tenure/promotion files.



  • Facilitating an Online Course: BB Collaborate
    Participate in this hands-on session where you will learn to facilitate an online session by practicing the moderator tools in Blackboard Collaborate. Starting from the beginning, participants will learn how to set up a Collaborate session, how to prepare to teach using Collaborate, and how to get the most out of Collaborate interactive tools and features. 
  • Group work? UGH!  Best practices for using groups & teams
    Use of groups and teams is becoming more common in higher education because teamwork is more vital than ever before in professional life, but that doesn’t mean students are happy about it. This session will explore three specific practices that are easily implemented in use of groups and teams that result in improved outcomes. Intended for: Part- and full-time faculty at all levels


  • High Impact Practices at UAA: Lunch Presentation
    HIPs at UAA: A Report from the Team attending AAC&U's High Impact Practices Institute  This brief report from UAA’s HIPs team will share key insights from the team’s work at the AAC&U’s HIPs Institute this summer. For a deeper dive on HIPs, attend the session on HIPs in General Education later the same day. Intended for: Part- and full-time faculty at all levels
  • Introduction to UAA Resources & Information
    Learn about UAA's faculty resources and review the latest demographic data for UAA students. 
  • Overview of Academic Technologies for Course Design
    This session will review Blackboard and ePortfolio tools, and show examples of navigation and uses of both for course design. 
  • Improve Learning using your Syllabus and Assignments
    Think of your course as a building, a physical space with a door, hallways, walls, and spaces that may or may not be inviting or clear. The syllabus is the cornerstone of that space; assignments frame experiences for all who enter. Informed by the most recent information and evidence-based practices on key course documents, this session will help new and experienced educators improve some of the most vital materials driving the student experience in higher education. Intended forPart- and full-time faculty at all levels.

Select sessions will have a Blackboard Collaborate or Google Hangout link.

Blackboard Collaborate

  • If you have not used BB Collaborate on your computer before, use this SYSTEM TEST LINK to check your system requirements and configure your system. We recommend you do this at least one day prior to the event so you can get assistance if needed.
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Google Hangouts

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