UAA Title III Grant: Robust Online Learning

Innovative Online Learning ROLL helps faculty create interactive communities and inventive activities for online learning. Visit the Innovative Design Studio or make an appointment with an instructional designer to turn your ideas into a robust online learning opportunity for UAA's students.

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The Robust Online Learning Title III Grant and Academic Innovations & eLearning (AI&e) are building a series of Trail Guides to lead UAA faculty through a process of designing and delivering effective online courses.  The Trail Guides are online modules that instructors can complete at their own pace on the AI&e website.

What is an Online Master Course? What is an Online Master Course?

Online Master Course (OMCs) shells are templates that are designed and developed by faculty teams, instructional designers, and support personnel along with other UAA collaborators. OMCs ensure consistency with content delivery as well as the assurance that students acquire the necessary skills and knowledge. Benefits also include reduced course development time for instructors and the organic creation of an online learning faculty community.  More about OMCs


Robust Online ResourcesRobust Online Resources 

Robust Online Resources here at UAA include utilizing best practices for culturally responsive design; online learning strategies, student engagement tools and tips for creating an online learning community


With 30+ years collective experience in the world of academic innovations, the ROLL Team's knowledge and experience is vast. Learn more about the team and our areas of expertise, check team members' ePortolios, get connected with us and Facebook and follow us on Twitter. 


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