About the Grant

The ROLL Grant is a competitive U.S. Department of Education grant under Title III, Part A: Strengthening Institutions Programs. The project title is "Stabilizing College Funding Through Development of a Centralized, Robust Online Learning Environment". The grant's main objective is to improve student retention and performance through the development of robust online courses, support for online students, and an administrative framework for distance education at UAA. The grant runs from October 2015 through September 2020.

Major Components

  • Guide faculty team development of 26 Online Master Course shells (OMCs) for General Education Requirement courses at UAA
  • Create a new faculty media development studio
  • Improve targeted faculty professional development for online teaching
  • Develop improved online supports for students
  • Develop components of administrative structure for online learning, including an Online Learning Advisory Council to draft UAA vision and policy

Grant Achievements

Year 1

  • Developed OMCs for MUS A121 and CEL A292
  • Created the Bridge to Success video series with Alaska Native Studies faculty, students and alumni

Year 2

  • Opened the Innovative Design Studio (LIB 210), with multimedia, ePortfolio, and innovative technology support for faculty and students
  • Developed OMCs for AKNS A201, HIST A101, HIST A131, WRTG A111, WRTG A211 and WRTG A212
  • Created a targeted bandwidth online course model for PSY A111, sing a course package of open educational resources and faculty materials to run a robust online course in a limited bandwidth environment

Year 3

  • Launched the UAA Online Learning Advisory Council
  • Developed OMCs for ANTH A101, BIOL A108, HIST A102, JPC A204, JUST A110, and LEGL A110
  • Built the first Trail Guide module, Course Design and Development: Set the Route, to lead faculty through online course design