What is an Online Master Course Shell?

OMCs Explained

OMCs contain everything needed to teach an online course in a shared Blackboard shell, including course guidance, a comprehensive structure, materials, activities, and tools. Because OMCs are created, reviewed and approved by multiple department faculty, they are ready for instructors from full-time faculty to adjunct subject specialists. Instructors adapt and individualize course sections while maintaining course and instructional outcomes. 

Benefits of OMCs:

  • Adaptable course templates to give instructors time to focus on unique content, activities and student learning
  • Stable content to help decrease vulnerability of courses due to faculty departures or gaps in ability to teach
  • Common framework to communicate expectations in a manner that aligns with the department's outcomes
  • Training guides to orient instructors new to the course and/or new to UAA
  • Living resources that instructors can use to collaborate with colleagues in developing new ideas and materials
  • Dedicated ROLL staff to help make course material meet accessible design standards


UAA programs across campus are designing Online Master Course Shells (OMCs) for online GERs with ROLL's help:

Course Description Faculty Development Team
AKNS A201 Alaska Native Perspectives Dr. Medeia Csoba-DeHass, Dr. Beth Leonard, and Dr. Maria Williams
ANTH A101 Introduction to Anthropology Dr. Kristin Ogilvie, Dr. Sally Carraher, and Dr. Paul White
BIOL A108 Principles and Methods in Biology Dr. Rachael Hannah, Dr. Cindy Trussell, and Dr. Sarah Gerken
CEL A292 Introduction to Civic Engagement  
HIST A101 Western Civilization I Dr. Liz Dennison, Dr. Songho Ha, Dr. Jeffrey Meyers, Jr. , and Dr. David Wooley
HIST A102 Western Civilization II Dr. Liz Dennison, Dr. Songho Ha,  and Dr. Jeffrey Meyers, Jr. 
HIST A131 History of the United States I Dr. Liz Dennison, Dr. Songho Ha, Dr. Jeffrey Meyers, Jr. , and Dr. David Wooley
JPC A204 Media Literacy Dr. Joy Chavez Mapaye and Dr. Paola Banchero
JUST A110 Introduction to Justice Dr. Sharon Chamard, Dr. Allan Barnes, and Dr. Ron Everett
LEGL A101 Introduction to Law Prof. Deb Periman, Dr. Jason Brandeis, Dr. Ryan Fortson, and Prof. Kristin Knudsen
MUS A121 Music Appreciation Dr. Christopher Sweeney, Dr. Grant Cochran, and Dr. Mari Hahn
WRTG A111 Writing Across Contexts Dr. Jackie Cason, Dr. Scott Downing, and Prof. Michael Lamb
(course has been transferred to CTC Dept. of Writing)
WRTG A211 Writing and the Humanities Dr. Heather Adams, Dr. Sharon Emmerichs, and Dr. Emily Madsen 
(course has been transferred to CTC Dept. of Writing)
WRTG A212 Writing and the Professions Dr. Trish Jenkins, Dr. Casey Rudkin, and Dr. James Rudkin 
(course has been transferred to CTC Dept. of Writing)

To use one of these shells or to request captioning support for instructor-created videos in an OMC-based section, please contact the ROLL Instructional Designer, Kathryn Schild