Civic Engagement & Learning Courses

CEL A292- Introduction to Civic Engagement flyer

Introduces students to types of civic engagement in a democracy, practices of engagement and inquiry, and public issues of ethics, environmental sustainability, community building and human and civil rights through reading, reflections and community inquiry.  A service-learning component is included and a required part of the course.
3 Credit Hours

CEL A392- Civic Engagement: Learning by Giving

Applies learning about the history and practice of philanthropy with an overview of the non-profit sector and current issues and trends across the state and municipality. Students review and critique local grant proposals and award grant funds provided by local and national private benefactors to fulfill their proposals.
3 Credit Hours

CEL A395- Civic Engagement Internship
*or approved alternative

Internship in which student gains intensive experience applying principles of civic engagement and major-disciplinary knowledge and skills to a community-identified problem.  Students complete approximately 135 hours, usually in a community non-profit or government agency. 
6 Credit Hours

CEL A450- Civic Engagement Leadership Capstone
*or approved alternative

Integrates and applies disciplinary coursework and GER foundational skills of critical thinking, communication and collaboration with an interdisciplinary focus on civic responsibility. Critically examines civic pathways for leadership in local, state, national and/or global contexts through an individual civic engagement project. 
3 Credit Hours

15 additional credits are needed for the Certificate and should be outlined in a proposed Plan of Study with the Certificate faculty advisor.

See the current Catalog for additional details.