The Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence (CAFE) uses a colleague-to-colleague model to promote excellence and innovation in teaching and learning. Through one-time and multi-part workshops, professional development events, and special opportunities, we help faculty network with others in collegial settings to develop strategies that promote student success and cross-disciplinary understanding. CAFE is a resource that serves and supports all faculty (part-time, term, tenure track) on all five UAA campuses.

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  • Teaching Tips
  • Difficult Dialogues
    Difficult Dialogues is a national program designed to promote and protect academic freedom and religious, cultural, and political pluralism on university campuses. Originally launched by two UAA/APU Ford Foundation grants, this project equips UAA faculty with the skills, knowledge and support to proactively and effectively introduce controversial topics into the classroom and, where necessary, field unanticipated controversy that arises.
  • SoTL/Making Learning Visible
    SoTL is scholarly inquiry into student learning which advances the practice of teaching by making research findings public and open to critique and evaluation. The intent is to create a community of “scholarly teachers” who add to the body of knowledge about teaching and learning as well as benefiting from the SoTL research of others. Check out UAA's version of SoTL - Making Learning Visible.
  • Team-Based Learning TBL
    Team-Based Learning™ (TBL) is a highly interactive, results-based educational strategy developed in the business school environment which has spread to other academic disciplines over the last decade. TBL can be used in classes as large as 200 and as small as 12. It transforms instruction into active learning and promotes the development of professional competencies in interpersonal skills, teamwork and peer feedback.  

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CAFE shares announcements and brief items of interest on best practices in teaching and learning via FACEBOOK.  We'd love to see you there.  





 CAFE Events

  • Winter Teaching Academy  January 11 & 12

    January 11 & 12 | View Detailed Schedule | Register Here

    We look forward to opening the spring term with our Winter Teaching Academy. 

    As always, CAFE is doing everything we can to make sessions as humane and available as possible. Most sessions are available via distance and some will be recorded. Several sessions are offered at times specifically designed with adjunct faculty in mind, so please share information with colleagues who may not be on the faculty listserv. Campus dining options are not open until classes are in session, so light refreshments will be available at designated times. 
    Join us to connect with colleagues and attend to your professional development!


  • Adjunct Winter Teaching Academy  January 13

    January 13 | View Detailed Schedule | Register Here

    Join us on Saturday for a Teaching Academy specially designed for adjunct instructors.

    Topics to Include:

    • Rubrics for Formative & Summative Assessment
    • Improving Blackboard Skills
    • Supporting Students of Care and Concern
  • Faculty Learning Community: 12 Weeks to Your Journal Article  January 31 - April 18

    January 31 - April 18 | 4-5:15 PM | Location TBA | Register Here

    This faculty writing group, led by Professor Ray Ball, is organized around a workbook of the same name. The members of the group support each other and hold each other accountable as they work through a series of exercises in Belcher's workbook designed to help academics finish an article or book chapter over the course of a semester. This scholarly writing group is best for those who have already conducted most of the research necessary for their writing project.  Last year's faculty participants reported significant  progress in their scholarly writing efforts,including multiple articles submitted for publication and the presentation of two papers at conferences.  Spaces are limited. 

    Days the group meet

    1/24 1/31 2/7 2/14 2/21 2/28
    3/7 3/21 3/28 4/4 4/11 4/18



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We're pleased to welcome
the UAA/APU Books of the Year Program
to CAFE!
The current theme is Negotiating Identity in America
Current books are:
Hotel at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet
The Color of Water 
Identity is not fixed. We evolve and change, negotiating our identities as we grow and adapt to life experiences and circumstances. Selected by a committee of faculty and community members, the current books explore the timeless, relevant themes of individual and collective identity in America, themes that continue to be important to our communities, our state, and our nation. 
Multiple copies of the Books of the Year texts are available in the UAA APU Consortium Library. Instructional support materials are available via the Books of the Year websiteWatch for additional programming soon!
Note: This is the final year for this particular theme and these books.
The Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence
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