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    Located within the Office of Academic Affairs, we are a department responsible for supporting full- and part-time faculty across all UAA campuses in the adoption of effective teaching and learning practices, as well as in faculty career development. Entities within FD&IS include Academic Innovations and eLearning, Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence, and Center for Community Engagement and Learning.

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Teaching in Times of Crisis

In response to these historic times of upheaval and disruption, CAFE would like to remind faculty of the wide array of support and resources available to them as they encounter these issues in their classes. We hope that these resources provide you guidance in teaching and supporting students during these times of crisis.

 UAA/APU Books of the Year Program

Books of the Year

A bitter presidential election, a weakened economy, racial equity protests, a pandemic that has left hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens dead, and an insurrection at the national Capitol.  Americans are acknowledging and facing a level and depth of division rarely seen in this country.  These divisions stem from and affect many aspects of our daily lives, from which media we use and trust to where we shop to who we spend time with and even date. Families and marriages have felt the strain.  Misinformation, disinformation, divisive rhetoric, social media bubbles, and more have left many of us uncertain about who or what to trust and where the country is headed. What can and should Americans do to reach across these divides and begin to heal?  Join us for important discussions based on common texts addressing these questions.

2021-2023 Theme: Healing What Divides Us




Teaching & Learning

Although faculty members are experts in a given academic discipline, most receive very little training and development as educators. Faculty development is the means by which faculty develop teaching skills and come to understand the learning process. Through cross-disciplinary onboarding events, workshops, learning communities, conference-style academies, intensives, and peer-led programming, CAFE advocates for, supports the use of, and encourages the critical evaluation of inclusive, evidence-based pedagogies and practices that serve the needs of our diverse community of learners. 


Choron Ryan, term instructor of biological sciences, with her anatomy and physiology class.


Career Development

Whether you've a recent arrival fresh out of New Faculty Orientation or an Associate or Full Professor with a long career who's thinking about what's next, CAFE would be honored to help you grow as a professional in higher education. CAFE offers programming designed to help you improve scholarly writing and productivity, promote your work through your professional ePortfolio, and tackle challenging problems and develop your leadership skills as a Chair or Director of an academic department. We'll be happy to help you review career goals and develop a road map that can take you where you'd like to be.


UAA faculty gather in the Consortium Libarary for an Academic Assessment Retreat.


New Faculty Resources

Whether you're completely new to teaching in higher education or just new to teaching at UAA, CAFE is pleased to be able to support you on this part of your professional journey. We coordinate New Faculty Orientation, provide initial support for part-time faculty via the adjunct faculty portal, and are available for a range of different types of teaching support. The following items represent some key resources for those who are new to teaching at UAA, but if you have questions or need resources not listed, don't hesitate to contact us at (907) 786-4645.

  • New Faculty Orientation
  • Workload Fulfillment | Tenure Track (Under Construction)
  • Workload Fulfillment | Non-Tenure Track (Under Construction)


Spirit on the campus of the University of Alaska Anchorage.


We Can't Do This Alone!

CAFE accomplishes its work through the development of relationships and active partnerships with collaborators that span the University. Programming currently includes partners like:

 As well as our wonderful team of CAFE Faculty Associates!

Collaborating team members fist bump towards the center of their workspace.