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Ground Rules

Faculty Intensive, Day One

Tales from the Trenches

Technique: Tales from the Trenches

Academic Freedom

Essay - Academic Freedom: A Basic Guide (James Liszka)

Case Study - Language

Case Study - Art

Case Study - Politics

Establishing Discussion Rules

Establishing Discussion Rules

Technique - Code of Conduct

Essay - Creating Classroom Norms (Sharon Araji)

At Stake: Faculty Performance

Essay - Contrapower Harrassment on Campus: Incidence, Consequences, Implications (Claudia Lampman)


Technique - Basic Self Defense

Technique - Situationally Appropriate Response

Essay - Recognizing and Responding to Disruptive Students (Bruce Schultz)

Pausing for Reflection

Pausing for Reflection

Technique - Silence

Technique - Quick Writing

Balancing Safety and Risk

Essay - What Instructors Can Do to Safely Facilitate Controversial Discussion (Bettina Kipp)

Difficult Dialogue - Meeting Learner Expectations

Technique - Critical Incident Questionnaire

Difficult Dialogue Meeting Learner Expectations

Start Talking - Questions for Discussion

Start Talking - Questions for Discussion