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Race, Class, Culture

Faculty Development, Day Three

Speaking the Language, Day Three


Technique - Identity Groups


Essay - White Privilege (Libby Roderick)

Technique - Encircled Circle


Essay - Using The Tortilla Curtain to Teach About Privilege (Nelta Edwards)

Sample Discussion of The Tortilla Curtain (Betty Buchan)

Technique - Using a Book to Explore Cultural Difference

Circle of Objects

Technique - Circle of Objects

Essay - Encouraging Cultural and Socioeconomic Sensitivity (Maureen Austin)

Essay - Using the Circle of Objects to Teach about Place (Paul Ongtooguk)

Essay - Coming to Terms with the Circle of Objects: Resistance and Transformation (Tracey Burke)

Voicing Minority Views

Technique - Hatful of Quotes

Exercise - Quotes from our Hat

Essay - Using Quotes to Affirm and Challenge: Effective Teaching Strategy and Discussion Builder (De

The Five Minute Rule

Technique - Five Minute Rule

Exercise - Believe This (Niqsaq and Napaaqtuq)

Essay - The Five Minute Rule (Kerri Morris)

Culturally Responsive Teaching

Essay - Culturally Responsive Teaching (Libby Roderick)

Difficult Dialogue - Fitting Everything In

Difficult Dialogue - Fitting Everything In

Start Talking - Questions For Discussion, Day Three

Start Talking - Questions For Discussion, Day Three