Rhetoric, Debate

Faculty Development, Day Two

Faculty Intensive, Day Two

Speaking the Language

Speaking the Language

Rhetorical Questions

Exercise - Question Yourself

Technique - Questions and Categories

Essay - Rhetoric and the Method of Democracy (Kerri Morris)

Rhetorical Purposes

Essay - Approaching Argument: Different Voices, Different Perspectives (Marilyn Barry)

Technique - Five Ways to Look at It


Essay - Debate as a Pedagogical Tool (Steven Johnson)

Technique - Classroom Debate

Sample Assignment - Public Policy debate

Essay - The Power to Choose (Bogdan Hoanca)

Combining Elements - The Justice Talking Format

Technique - Radio Program

Essay: Composing Controversy - Moving from Dialogue to Debate with a Justice Talking Radio Program

Case Study - Science Today (Jacqueline Cason)

Case Study - Grammatical Correctness: Die-Hard Standards v. Bleeding Heart Revisionists (Kerri Morri

Difficult Dialogue

Difficult Dialogue - Majorities and Minorities

Start Talking

Start Talking - Questions for Discussion