Faculty Learning Communities

Faculty Learning Community - groups of trans-disciplinary
faculty engaging in an active, collaborative, semester (or longer)
program with a curriculum about enhancing teaching and learning.
Difficult Dialogues
  • Alaska Native Ways of Teaching
  • Engaging Controversy
Information Literacy
Making Learning Visible (SoTL)
Team-Based Learning

Scholarship of Teaching Portfolios

 Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Portfolios - UAA faculty teaching portfolios
document scholarly inquiry into student learning.
Shared results help all teachers improve their pedagogical expertise.
By Course
By Discipline

By Theme

 Book Discussion Groups

Book Discussion Groups - CAFE offers regular
semester-long book discussion groups
each semester.  Standing book discussion groups include:
Making Learning Visible
Topics in Higher Education 
Advice for New Faculty

Other Online Teaching Resources

Access to prior workshop materials and a directory to relevant faculty web resources.
CAFE workshop handouts/recordings

High Impact Teaching Practices
Faculty Quick Links
Scholarship of Teaching &Learning

Teaching TIPS