Making Learning Visible (MLV)

Making Learning Visible (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning or SoTL)

"Teaching university-level courses is a form of serious intellectual work that can be as challenging and demanding as discovery research. When teaching is undertaken as a form of inquiry into the impact a course has on student understanding, the quality and depth of this work can be revealed through writing that reflects the relation between the process of teaching and its results." (Bernstein,  2002)."

SoTL is scholarly inquiry into student learning which advances the practice of teaching by making research findings public and open to critique and evaluation. The intent is to create a community of “scholarly teachers” who add to the body of knowledge about teaching and learning as well as benefiting from the SoTL research of others. 

CAFE’s Making Learning Visible (MLV) program is UAA’s version of SoTL which addresses how teachers can not only improve their expertise in the field, but also develop pedagogical expertise.  It is designed to help faculty assess the efficacy of classroom strategies, document the effectiveness of their teaching, share effective strategies with peers, and demonstrate exemplary teaching in the promotion and tenure portfolio.  MLV takes a two-pronged approach:

  • A Discussion Group  in which faculty from diverse fields discuss the literature on the scholarship of teaching and learning and strategies for developing their own classroom research.  
    (This group meets again Fall 2017)
  • A Course Scholarly Inquiry Project in which faculty implement a scholarship of teaching and learning project in their own classroom and produce a portfolio to share their results with colleagues.

UAA faculty talk about MLV: 
(coming soon)

  • Introduction to MLV (1 min.) 
  • The importance of MLV (1 min.) 
  • The benefits of the MLV Learning Community
    (1 min.) 

Additional Resources:

Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL) Course Inquiry Project

How do you know if you are an effective teacher?  The Making Learning Visible Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Course Inquiry Project offers faculty the opportunity to produce evidence of teaching effectiveness that goes beyond IDEA survey results. Findings can be used as evidence of scholarly teaching in promotion and tenure reviews. Each spring, CAFE seeks applications for the program for the next academic year.  

The fall semester of the Portfolio group takes faculty through the process of creating a classroom inquiry plan.  Faculty will implement their projects and assess learning in the spring semester and place course portfolios documenting the inquiry on a CAFE-maintained website to share with colleagues at UAA and beyond.

Goals of the Program:

  • Developing a hypothesis or research question for the inquiry (what do you want to change or introduce in a class and what impact will that have on student learning?

  • Creating an investigative plan (what evidence will you collect to determine the impact of the change?)

  • Obtaining IRB approval for your inquiry plan

  • Sharing the results of your inquiry online, at professional conferences, and/or in a discipline-specific pedagogy journal

  • Using the classroom inquiry process to document efforts to improve teaching and learning for inclusion in your faculty review file.

Current Group Information:  AY 2016-17 is part of AIeL Tech Fellows Program.  Contact CAFE AY 2017-18 for new MLV Group Information.