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Team-Based Learning™ (TBL) is a highly interactive, results-based educational strategy developed in the business school environment which has spread to other academic disciplines over the last decade. TBL can be used in classes as large as 200 and as small as 12. It transforms instruction into active learning and promotes the development of professional competencies in interpersonal skills, teamwork and peer feedback. TBL does not require a multitude of faculty to facilitate small groups and it can either replace or supplement traditional lectures. CAFE has co-sponsored two TBL Institutes in recent years and is training faculty to become TBL trainers at UAA.  The TBL FLC supports faculty to explore ways to integrate this engaging teaching strategy into a wide variety of courses.


What is Team-Based Learning (TBL)?

TBL Books

TBL Course Module Help

TBL Online Resources

UAA TBL Faculty Learning Community

UAA Faculty who are TBL Resources

What is Team-Based Learning (TBL)?

TBL: Group Work That Works(Video)

TBL TeamLEAD Program(Video)


TBL in the School of Pharmacy (Video)

Virginia Commonwealth University

Enhancing Professional Education with TBL(PDF) – Jim Sibley and Dean X. Parmelee MD (avail on web)

The Essential Elements of Team-Based Learning (PDF) -Larry K. Michaelsen and Michael Sweet (avail on web)

Introduction to TBL(PDF)- Jim Sibley and Sophie Spiridonoff 

What is TBL and Why it works(PDF) - Jim Sibley and Sophie Spiridonoff (link iTunesU)

Team-Based Learning Books:

Getting Started with Team-Based Learning (2014) by Jim Sibley, et. al.

Team-Based Learning:  A Transformative Use of Small Groups in College Teaching (2004) by Michaelsen, Knight, and Fink, Eds.

Team-Based Learning:  Small Group Learning’s Next Big Step (2008) by Michaelsen, Sweet, and Parmelee, Eds. – Library: LB 1032 .T39 2008

Team-Based Learning for Health Professions Education:  A Guide to Using Small Groups for Improving Learning (2008) by Michaelsen, Parmelee, McMahon, and Levine, Eds.

Team-Based Learning in the Social Sciences and Humanities:  Group Work that Works to Generate Critical Thinking and Engagement (2012) by Michael Sweet and Larry Michaelsen, Eds.

Test Better Teach Better:  The Instructional Role of Assessment [electronic resource] (2003) by James W. Popham – Library: LP 3051.P61422 2003

TBL Course Module Help:

Designing A TBL Module: A Working Template for Faculty (PDF) - Paul G. Koles, MD, B. Laurel Elder PhD and Dean X. Parmelee MD (Link iTunesU)

Improving Your Questions Using Item Analysis  (PDF) – Jim Sibley (Link iTunesU)

TBL Course Design (PDF) - Adapted from “Getting your Course Ready,” by Bill Roberson and Billie Franchini, 2014, In Getting Started with Team-Based Learning eds. Jim Sibley and Pete Ostafichuk (Link iTunesU)

Writing Good Multiple Choice Questions (PDF) – Jim Sibley (Link iTunesU)

Writing Multiple Choice Questions for Continuing Medical Education Activities & Self-Assessment Modules (PDF) – Jannette Collins, MD, MEd

TBL Online Resources:

Team-Based Learning Collaborative - ( ) UAA has an institutional membership to this collaborative 

TBLC Listserv- ( The TBLC maintains a listserv where practitioners post questions and get help. It is possible to subscribe to the list without being a member of the TBLC. Please note that the list is fairly active at times, so it is wise to set it to digest

Learn TBL - This website at the University of British Columbia has lots of good information.  Jim Sibley is the author of the new "Getting Started with Team-Based Learning" book. 

TBLC Membership - UAA has an institutional membership to TBLC, which provides: member rates for TBLC events (including annual conference) and access to the members only section of the website with valuable TBL cases, modules and workshop materials.  Contact Liisa Morrison in CAFE to be added to the UAA member list.

UAA TBL Listserv - Contact Shawnalee Whitney to be added to this list

UAA TBL Faculty Learning Community:

If you are actively implementing Team-Based Learning into a course you are welcome to join this group.  The focus is to brainstorm issues, share ideas, and support each other as we learn more about this valuable pedagogy.  The community of practice meets approximately once a month.  

Contact Shawnalee Whitney concerning the Faculty Learning Community.


UAA Faculty who are TBL resources:

Sandra Ehrlich - Management & Marketing CBPP (6-4165)

Tim Hinterberger- WWAMI School of Medical Education; (6-6432) 

Cindy Knall - WWAMI School of Medicine; (6-1376)

Cory LePage - Justice Center; (6-4302)  

Tom McRoberts - Social Work/ Child Welfare Academy; (6-6704)

*Rex Plunkett- Computer Networking & Office Technology CTC; (6-6470)

*Shawnalee Whitney - Communications;(6-4393) 

*Caroline Wilson - Biology & WWAMI School of Medical Education; (6-6975) 

*Faculty who are currently pursuing certification as TBL trainers

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