Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence

Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence The Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence (CAFE) is a colleague-to-colleague teaching and learning center that promotes excellence and innovation in teaching, research, creative activity and engagement in an atmosphere of collegiality. CAFE offers workshops, events and other assistance to faculty on all five UAA campuses.

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Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence


New Faculty Orientation

Monday August 15 & Tuesday August 16, 2016
All new Term & Tenure Track Faculty are encouraged to attend. 
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Succeeding as a Department Chair

Wednesday  August 17 2016  9:00 am - 12:00 pm LIB 307
Please join us for a half-day session designed to offer support, information, resources and networking for Department Chairs and Directors at UAA. Whether you're new to this role or have been serving a long time, this workshop will offer you an opportunity to meet and collaborate with your fellow department chairs and directors from across UAA and to receive assistance for succeeding at a very tough job.



  • Teaching Tips
  • Difficult Dialogues
    Difficult Dialogues is a national program designed to promote and protect academic freedom and religious, cultural, and political pluralism on university campuses. Originally launched by two UAA/APU Ford Foundation grants, this project equips UAA faculty with the skills, knowledge and support to proactively and effectively introduce controversial topics into the classroom and, where necessary, field unanticipated controversy that arises.
  • SoTL/Making Learning Visible
    SoTL is scholarly inquiry into student learning which advances the practice of teaching by making research findings public and open to critique and evaluation. The intent is to create a community of “scholarly teachers” who add to the body of knowledge about teaching and learning as well as benefiting from the SoTL research of others. Check out UAA's version of SoTL - Making Learning Visible.
  • Team-Based Learning TBL
    Team-Based Learning™ (TBL) is a highly interactive, results-based educational strategy developed in the business school environment which has spread to other academic disciplines over the last decade. TBL can be used in classes as large as 200 and as small as 12. It transforms instruction into active learning and promotes the development of professional competencies in interpersonal skills, teamwork and peer feedback.  

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Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence