Fact Books

2016-17 FACT BOOK

The reports that are not included are available to the UAA community within the IR-Reports.


Section Descriptions:

Introduction Table of contents and Fast Facts.
Students Student headcounts by major, award type, campus and other characteristics over 5 years.
Enrollment Listing of student credit hours by department, discipline and course level within each campus over 5 years.
Awards Degree and certificate awards conferred over the last 5 years, listed by award type, program, campus and other criteria. 
Faculty & Staff Employee count with regard to general characteristics, faculty rank, tenure, degree acquisition, salary and other factors within governance units and colleges. 
Finance, Grants & Giving Data on budgets, revenue, expenditures, tuition rates, financial aid, research grants and alumni giving (new in 2010). 
Definition of Terms Extensive definition of terms.


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The Campus Report and Trendbook are no longer being published; they were replaced with the Fact Book.  The last edition reflects Fall 2007 data.

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