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The University of Alaska Anchorage is a strong and vibrant institution accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU). UAA is dedicated to serving the needs of our students and the state of Alaska, and we are committed to providing our students the highest quality academic programs and student support services. Student Success is our priority, and our graduation rates continue to rise.  The NWCCU reaffirmed UAA’s accredited status in January 2019. 

After an unprecedented year, the University of Alaska System is facing a second consecutive $25M cut in State funding, which will be followed by an additional $20M cut in 2020-21.To address these significant budget challenges UAA will need to reduce the number of degree programs we can offer. It is important to understand that the majority of UAA's degree and certificate programs will not be affected by the budget reductions. In order to make difficult decisions about which majors will be retained, an expedited academic program review began in February 2020 and will conclude in June 2020 when the Board of Regents makes final decisions.


UAA’s Deans, Provost and Chancellor will review each major/program and make 1 of 6 recommendations: (1) enhance the program with additional resources such as new faculty or staff, (2) continue the program as is without any changes, (3) revise the program (such as changing future program requirements) but do not discontinue it, (4) review the program again within 2 years after specific issues identified in the review are addressed, (5) stop accepting new students into the major, or (6) assist students currently in the major to complete their degree/certificate within a defined time period and then discontinue/delete the major. We have created an Expedited Program Review Status webpage designed to keep you updated on the status of academic majors at each step in the process.

Some key dates in the process include:

  • Week of Feb. 24th - Deans inform students, faculty, and staff in their colleges about their recommendations
  • Week of March 9th  - Provost makes recommendations to the Chancellor
  • Week of March 23rd - Chancellor informs UAA community of proposed actions requiring BOR decisions
  • Week of April 1st - UA System Academic Council makes recommendations
  • Week of April 14th - BOR Academic & Student Affairs Committee makes recommendations
  • Week of June 5th - BOR announces program reductions, suspended admissions, discontinuations


UAA is committed to supporting students whose programs might be discontinued by providing comprehensive advising and degree completion options.

We know that students need to register for Summer and Fall 2020 classes soon, so it is a very good idea to set up an appointment with your academic advisor now. This will help you to make the best choices about your degree path given the information we have at this time.