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Academic Affairs Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines

Academic Assessment Handbook (Updated April 2019)

Advisory Board Templates

Articulation Agreements

Board of Regents (BOR) Policies

Catalog UAA

Centers & Institutes Proposal Guidelines

(Clery) Campus Security & Fire Safety Report

Compliance (Research)

Course Fees, BOR Policy 05.10

Course Scheduling: Standard Time Blocks

Credit Hour Review Process

Curriculum Articulation Agreement (MOU/MOA) Guidelines

Curriculum Handbook (Updated 2/9/18)

Faculty Evaluation Policies & Procedures

Faculty Senate (Constitution & Bylaws)

Faculty Services 

International MOUs/MOAs

Library Policies

Non-Traditional Credit - Provost/Chancellor Memo Updating Administrative Fees for Non-traditional Credit (Updated May 2022)

Program Review, BOR Policy 10.06

Record of Student Complaints Policy

Specialized Program Accreditation Guidelines

Suspension of Admissions or Deletion Guidelines for Academic Programs

Syllabus Guidance


Please contact Academic Affairs if you are looking for a policy that is not listed.  


University of Alaska Anchorage
Office of Academic Affairs
Phone: 907- 786-1054
   Fax: 907-786-1426