Accessibility and Privacy Policies for Instructional Technology Tools

Commonly used UAA technology tools are listed below with links to accessibility, privacy, and support resources. Technology users can view the information below to protect their data and privacy as well as find information about the accessibility of tools they use. A Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) is a document that explains how information and communication technology products such as software, hardware, electronic content, and support documentation meet the Revised 508 Standards for accessibility. 

Tool Information

Privacy Support
Adobe Reader Adobe Reader Accessibility Adobe Reader VPAT Adobe Privacy Policy Adobe Reader Support
Blackboard Ally Blackboard Ally Accessibility Blackboard Ally VPAT Anthology Privacy Blackboard Ally Support
Digication (eportfolio) Digication Accessibility Digication VPAT Digication Privacy Digication Support
Foxit Reader/PDF Editor Foxit Compliance Foxit VPAT Foxit Privacy Foxit Support
Gmail Google Accessibility Gmail VPAT Google Privacy Gmail Support
Google Chrome Google Accessibility Google Chrome VPATs Google Privacy Google Chrome Support
Google Drive Google Accessibility Google Drive VPAT Google Privacy Google Drive Support
Google Docs Google Accessibility Google Docs VPAT Google Privacy Google Docs Support
Google Meet Google Accessibility Google Meet VPAT Google Privacy Google Meet Support
Google Sheets Google Accessibility Google Sheets VPAT Google Privacy Google Sheets Support
Google Slides Google Accessibility Google Slides VPAT Google Privacy Google Slides Support
Google Forms Google Accessibility Google Forms VPAT Google Privacy Google Forms Support
Google Sites Google Accessibility Google Sites VPAT Google Privacy Google Sites Support
Microsoft Office 365
& Windows
Microsoft Products Accessibility Microsoft VPATs Microsoft Privacy Microsoft Product Support
Mozilla Firefox Firefox Accessibility   Firefox Privacy Firefox Support
Kaltura Kaltura Accessibility Kaltura VPAT Kaltura Privacy Kaltura Support
Qualtrics Qualtrics Accessibility Qualtrics VPAT Qualtrics Privacy Qualtrics Support
Screenpal Screenpal Accessibility Request Screenpal's VPAT Screenpal Privacy Screenpal Training
VoiceThread VoiceThread Accessibility VoiceThread VPAT VoiceThread Privacy VoiceThread Support
YouTube (Google) YouTube Accessibility Settings   YouTube Privacy YouTube Support
Zoom Zoom Accessibility Zoom VPATs

Zoom Privacy 


Zoom Support