Promotion and Tenure Task Force


March 29, 2010

Dear Colleagues:

The Task Force on the Evaluation of Faculty Work for Promotion, Tenure, Post-Tenure Review, and Hiring is pleased to announce that we have fulfilled our charge and have submitted our final recommendations for the new Faculty Evaluation Guidelines to Provost Driscoll. [link]

We would like to thank you all for your participation in the development and review process over the last two years. Your contributions of time, personal experiences, insights, expertise, and critique have been invaluable to the process and have strengthened the final product.

Our understanding of the process from here is that the Provost will review the recommended Faculty Evaluation Guidelines we have submitted, and solicit the advice and recommendations of the Faculty Senate, Deans and Directors, the faculty and President of Prince William Sound Community College, and UNAC and UAFT leadership during the remainder of the spring semester. Based on this feedback and any other pertinent information or administrative considerations, the Provost will develop a final draft of the guidelines. This final draft will then be presented to the Faculty Senate early in the fall semester 2010 for a vote on their recommendation for approval. Assuming that the final step results in an approved document, the focus will shift to implementation and phase in of the new Faculty Evaluation Guidelines.

During the review and feedback forums we hosted this fall and spring, participants offered thoughtful suggestions and questions related to the implementation of the recommendations we proposed in the draft documents. In response to those suggestions we developed a set of materials that could support the implementation process.  They are offered only as suggestions, examples, and options as the University undertakes the next steps of implementation. [link]


To support your review and consideration of the final recommendations for the new Faculty Evaluation Guidelines, we are posting the tracked-changes version of the document as well.

Again, we'd like to extent our deep appreciation for your engagement with this critically important work.  We encourage you to continue to participate and share your advice and recommendations during this next phase of the process.

Warm regards,

Letitia Fickel, Task Force Chair, Teaching and Learning, College of Education

Judith Moore, English, College of Arts & Sciences

Frank von Hippel, Biological Sciences, College of Arts & Sciences

Orson Smith, Civil Engineering, School of Engineering

Sara Reinert, Mathematics, Kachemak Bay Campus

Rashmi Prasad, Business Administration, College of Business & Public Policy

Ellen McKay, Architectural/Engineering Technology, Community & Technical College

Ralph Courtney, Reference Librarian, Consortium Library

Carla Oster, Office Management/Technology, Prince William Sound Community College

Tom Skore, Theater, College of Arts & Sciences

Jackie Pflaum, Nursing, College of Health Education and Social Welfare