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Deans Council Meeting Notes 10/14/2020

UAA Provost Denise Runge

Let the Provost know by Friday 10/16 of any changes to the academic calendar. Common course blocks – communication will go out that says that we are pushing off the changes for at least another year due to the disruption we are currently experiencing. Release of classrooms for central scheduling Registrar, facilities, Deans and the Provost came to an agreement unofficially on a classroom scheduling policy -- issues will come up for the Registrar when we go back to face to face and it’s also causing issues for space needs – your department controlled classrooms after you have scheduled your needed classes are supposed to be released back to the registrar except for..

UAA Community Collaboration: Exploring Personal, Professional, Community Responsibility

UAA Provost Denise Runge

How to we respond to COVID-19? How can we promote racial justice? How to we address climate change? Who should we vote for? We find ourselves in an acute time that demands what Lincoln called “the better angels of our nature.” Being responsible persons, professionals, and community members has perhaps never been so important. At UAA, we have made Personal, Professional, and Community Responsibility a student learning “core competency” and are working hard to develop an educational culture that promotes responsibility.

Deans Council Meeting Notes 10/7/2020

UAA Provost Denise Runge

Ongoing Budget Management – Provost Denise Runge Please let your Budget managers know of our request to have an "advance copy" of your College Quarterly Budget Management Report on 10/22/2020 so that I can review and have time to work with you on any issues or areas of concern. In the past colleges have worked on the budget alone, but the Provost would like to have a better understanding of everyone’s budgets.