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Provost, Runge

Universities, especially those like UAA, are catalysts for social mobility and help redeem the promise of equal opportunity for all. To be good stewards of that promise, we need to carefully reflect on our work and strive to improve the equity of educational opportunity and achievement for our students.

Deans Council Meeting Notes

UAA Provost Denise Runge

Dean’s Council 9/2/20 Undergraduate Research Task force for Undergraduate Research met this summer to evaluate and make recommendations: 1) Evaluate different models of UR 2) Explore how to bring this high impact practice to a broader range of students at UAA 3) Consider how resources could be allocated to best support UR 4) Discuss ways to incentivize faculty participation 5) Recommend a model and home for OURS

Success in Writing

UAA Provost Denise Runge

For my first post written for the new blog, I wanted to share some very exciting results from a pilot project that has been over two years in the making. Higher education professionals know that a single standardized test score is a flawed measure of student achievement and often disadvantages students from underserved groups. Yet when it comes to writing placement, most large universities rely heavily on a placement exam to determine a student’s first writing class. For many years, UAA did exactly that, relying mainly on Accuplacer for writing placement.