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UAAcademia: From the Provost's Desk

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Deans Council Meeting Notes 10/7/2020

UAA Provost Denise Runge

Ongoing Budget Management – Provost Denise Runge Please let your Budget managers know of our request to have an "advance copy" of your College Quarterly Budget Management Report on 10/22/2020 so that I can review and have time to work with you on any issues or areas of concern. In the past colleges have worked on the budget alone, but the Provost would like to have a better understanding of everyone’s budgets.

Deans Council Meeting Notes 9/30/2020

UAA Provost Denise Runge

The Dean’s Council, along with Faculty Senate E-Board, has engaged in discussion of a potential model for allocation of future General Fund Appropriation dollars. This has been undertaken recognizing the fact that 7 years of substantial budget cuts and accumulated incremental decrements likely have resulted in allocations that no longer reflect our values of equity and transparency of budgeting, nor our academic priorities as a university.

Deans Council Meeting Notes 9/16/2020

UAA Provost Denise Runge

SW committees need Dean to replace Denise ● Statewide E-learning committee that includes faculty, staff, admin needs a replacement Dean (Denise previously represented UAA “deans” on these). They discuss ways to collaborate over e-learning platforms to share at academic council. University Relations statewide committee as well. Please let Denise know if you are willing to serve.