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Deans Council Meeting Notes

by Denise Runge, UAA Provost  |   

Dean’s Council 9/2/20

Undergraduate Research

Task force for Undergraduate Research met this summer to evaluate and make recommendations:

1) Evaluate different models of UR 

2) Explore how to bring this high impact practice to a broader range of students at UAA

3) Consider how resources could be allocated to best support UR

4) Discuss ways to incentivize faculty participation

5) Recommend a model and home for OURS

Gathering feedback on UGR and its relationship to Honors in the future – General consensus that we do undergraduate research well and that it needs to tie to programs to broaden the impact as a high impact practice.

Possible Different Tracks

  • Undergraduate Research
    • Project based learning – labs or assigned to faculty member
  • Community Engaged Learning.
  • Diversity

There is strong interest in further developing course-based approaches, and possible connections between undergraduate and graduate research.

Funding is available (ex: through NIGH – biomedical research)

Mentorship is key for the undergraduate research.

Longstanding challenge-how to fit into Workload Agreements

Provost direction for deans:  Please take back to Chairs, Directors and Associate Deans for input and also how to account for this in faculty members’ workload agreements.

Several deans shared current practices in their Colleges.

Will reconsider/explore this topic further near the end of October.

COVID Notification Plan

What happens when student or faculty in a F2F class tests COVID positive?

Step 1 – Notify Tim Edwards, Denise Runge and Bill Jacob with relevant details.

Step 2- Tim will be point of contact to get information from the student or faculty member. 48 hour window will be evaluated for possible exposure to others.

Step 3-Academic Affairs developed a template to notify student and faculty provided by Tim Edwards. Staff can assist filling in info and pulling class rosters. Send out via email along with the instructor letting folks know via Blackboard.

Step 4 -Affected students and faculty will not be permitted to return to face-to-face activities for a minimum of two weeks.

*All students exposed in that course can not attend any other face to face courses.

Academic Innovations can assist with moving courses to remote delivery.

Dissemination of Information

Seeking best ways how information shared with colleagues from Dean’s Meeting and Full Council of Deans and Directors.

College of Health send information to leadership team, sometimes information isn’t always shared with faculty. Dean Jesse is encouraging Associate Deans and Directors to share the information with faculty.

Blog feature is used for information the Provost would like to share widely.

College of Engineering and College of Business and Policy shares information on Sharepoint.

College of Arts and Sciences exploring monthly newsletter.

Community & Technical College is working Blackboard and Google Drive that are merged.

Some information may need to be shared quickly, possibly shared via email for quick dissemination.


Academic and Student affairs Committee meets September 3. 2020 9-11am.

Accreditation status reports for UAA and specialized accreditations; will also present teach-out plans;

Provost request:  deans please listen in if available and be prepared to help answer any questions via text message if needed.

Audit Committee meets September 4, 2020 9am-noon.

Suggest listening or review at a later time; President and her team are working on presentations that will help the public and the BOR better understand how universities have been and will continue to manage the budget cuts.