Full Council of Deans and Directors April 2021

by Denise Runge  |   

Full Council of Deans & Directors, 1:00-1:40

Susan Kalina

  • we are focusing on integrating ongoing assessment of programs and services, and incorporating progress on the accreditation student success metrics into planning, decision making, and resource allocation to improve student learning and achievement and to close equity gaps.
  • Our metrics are: persistence, retention, BBA and AAS graduation rates, junior graduation rates, semesters to degrees for Grad programs, post-graduation success, completion of tier one general ed. requirements, and course pass rates by course level.
  • NWCCU is now requiring that we compare ourselves against peer metrics.
  • We have to visualize these metrics and use it across the University – it’s important to think about what these mean for our regular processes.
  • These metrics are also important because some of them are part of  the general fund allocation process on the Anchorage campus going forward.
  • Our mid-cycle site visit is in October and they will want to know how we are using these metrics or how we will be using them in the future – we don’t know our site visit team and don’t know if it will be virtual or in person yet.

Shawnalee Whitney

  • New Faculty Orientation – August 9th and 10th
  • Teaching Academy – August 16th and 17th 
  • Headwaters onboarding series – starting August 31st
  • More information can be found here

USUAA Update

    • All new members were signed in last week and are looking to expand membership going forward into Summer and Fall semesters.
    • USUAA was able to reach out to legislators and meet with representatives and staffers about putting forth support for more capital in support of UA.

Staff Council Update

    • The staff morale survey has been sent out and is due this Friday 4/30. Please encourage your staff to complete it.
    • Development Day will be happening, but the date is TBD.
    • Nomination period for Staff Recognition is open through May 5th. and we have two open spots open on staff council and some people’s terms are ending. 
    • Staff Council will need 1-2 more people joining in the Fall.

Faculty Senate Update 

    • The last meeting is on 4/30 and then Gokhan Karahan will be taking over for Kelly Smith.
    • Proctoring software is still a major conversation to continue going forward.

Deans, Campus Directors and Cabinet, 1:40-2:00

  • UAA measurement for the UA Global Metric, Increase Alaska high-demand field graduates
    • These metrics are going to be shared with BOR and Legislators.
    • These will be used for performance budgeting so they are very important.
    • UAA will want to use these metrics for our OMB report as well. 
    • These are due May 6th and they need to match up to the UAA 2025 goals. 
    • We will identify a small set of ongoing initiatives, these need to be very high-level.
    • Next step is to send feedback or thoughts to the Provost, Erin Holmes & VP Kalina.

Campus Directors and Cabinet, 2:00-2:30

  • Community Campus Directors and Cabinet only discussion of campus re-opening
    • Discussed some of the measures the UA System and the Chancellors are looking at to decide when re-opening seems reasonable.  Discussed that some campuses may open prior to others, since “local” conditions are the key and these obviously vary by location.
    • More information should be coming in the next few weeks--we still have a goal to re-open this summer, at least to some extent.

Thank you to Dr. Gary Turner for your many years of service and incredible work you have done for KPC.

Thank you to John Petraitis for his time as interim Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.  

Thank you to Erin Holmes for your dedication to moving UAA forward in your time as the IR Director.

Thank you to Jeff Jessee for your years of service to UAA and in your current role as the College of Health Dean.

Thank you to Kelly Smith for serving as Faculty Senate President.

Have a wonderful summer and we will see you all again soon!