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by Denise Runge, UAA Provost  |   

Universities, especially those like UAA, are catalysts for social mobility and help redeem the promise of equal opportunity for all. To be good stewards of that promise, we need to carefully reflect on our work and strive to improve the equity of educational opportunity and achievement for our students.

One way to promote equity in student learning is through TILT (transparency in learning and teaching).  By making assignments, courses, and programs more transparent to students, we can promote academic confidence and a sense of belonging for our students—both leading indicators for enhanced student learning and achievement.   UAA is fortunate to have Dr. Suzanne Tapp (Texas Tech University), a leader in this field, join us for our Accreditation/Core Competency Kick-Off on September 18 from 9-11.  In this hands-on workshop, Dr. Tapp will go through sample assignments/activities from UAA faculty and UAA Residence Life to provide a framework for tilting our work towards greater transparency.  Participants will then work in teams on an assignment they have brought to the session to improve its transparency for students. I encourage you to join us for what promises to be an illuminating session that will enhance the learning opportunities you create for UAA students.