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Deans Council Meeting Notes 10/20

by Denise Runge  |   

Denise Runge, Provost   

  • Follow up discussion: criteria for awarding 'Emeritus/Emerita' status to retired administrators 
    • Benefits of being emeritus/emerita status
      • Allowed to maintain an office, if space is available, may access library, etc.
      • Can represent the University at official events; inaugural ceremonies, regional & local events/meetings. Could be called upon by the University to do so.
    • Deans Council members have agreed to take over the process of awarding an administrator 'Emeritus/Emerita' status going forward whenever anyone is nominated by faculty/staff or community member. 
    • Google Drive created and shared by Kelsey
  • Follow up discussion: JBER courses & advertising for Spring
    • We are moving forward with some advertising on the base trying to align with the general student campaign.
    • A Digital advertisement will be created to show all on advertising screens throughout the base.
    • Flyers with all courses listed will be created once the official schedule for the Spring semester has been finalized.
    • Big signs will also be put outside of the offices at Elmendorf.
    • There will be an Open House the week of Veterans day at both centers - look out for more information on that soon.
    • Tours of both centers are welcome to any department that wants to come on base and to connect.
  • GER Committee 
    • Let the Provost know of any individuals on the administrative side of UAA who are able to serve:  must be open to rethinking the way we do sharing and scheduling of the online sections of GER’s.
  • UAA 2025 
    • Messaging will come out from the Chancellor soon on UAA 2025. Where you have strategic plans, everything that you’re doing that already feeds into UAA 2025, please keep doing that.

Shawnalee Whitney, Associate Vice Provost, Faculty Development & Instructional Support

  • Instructional Design Updates
  • Stage 1 evaluations are happening for the Instructional Design Leadership position

Susan Kalina, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs & Institutional Effectiveness

  • Program Review – all forms are now filled out with all the information that OAA has. All programs will be given a data sheet that will not get published, but the form itself will be.
    • Due to Deans March 1st. Due to OAA April 1st.
    • Overview of the form is; how each program is doing, and what they can continue to do to improve student success at the program level.   
  • Teach Outs
    • Please pay extra attention to the students who are in teach out’s currently. Make sure outreach is going directly to each student. 
    • Moving forward after expedited program review as a University we will be revising the teach-out process going forward, and how we change this due to our prior experiences over the last couple years.