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Deans Council Meeting Notes 10/6

by Denise Runge  |   

 Denise Runge, Provost

  • COVID Updates
    • Understanding the data posted on the website is very important. Both the number of faculty, staff, and students who have tested positive listed, and also the number of people who have tested positive with a campus impact (Campus Impact means the individual was on campus proximately to the positive test result.  For those who work 100% remotely, students who take 100% remote classes, etc., there would be no campus impact).
    • Currently there are about 5,000 F/S/S who are on campus at least 1 day per week. All the rest are fully remote.
  • Social Distancing in Classrooms
    • Looking forward to the Spring semester – discussed possible need to rearrange room layouts/tape off seating, etc. General consensus was that we can hold off for now, but if Spring is looking like we are now it would be a good idea.
  • Religious Exceptions
    • When and where might your programs have policies that could potentially require a plan to deal with requests for exception to policy on religious grounds?
  • UAA Giving Day 
    • Cabinet has been asked to think of ways we can motivate others to match our giving. The goal is to increase participation rates from Faculty and Staff. 
    • Ideas offered included a  $20.25 giving level, to highlight UAA 2025, Textbook Affordability fund match, and ensuring the match could support the same program or fund as the original gift

Susan Kalina, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

  • Site Visit Update
    • If they ask for further documentation send it to Susan (
    • Mac Powell might join any of the meetings at anytime and the NWCCU President may as well.
    • The evaluators see us as an institution in transition – a lot of things we are showing them are improving on things we already do really well.
  • Scheduling  
    • Bookstore scheduling will be changing going forward due to the Community Campus merger into the online bookstore.
    • It’s important to ensure changes to course schedule (different faculty assigned to a section) are also updated as to textbook request.
    • The federal law (HEOA) requires us to provide textbook cost information “in time for registration.”
  • Academic Dispute Resolution Procedure and Guidance to Faculty
    • Possible training for Faculty on this topic to be distributed during the semester to help alleviate anxiety for Faculty in regards to the dispute process.
    • A document will be coming from the Provost Office soon.