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Digital Learning Technologies Committee

by Denise Runge  |   

The Digital Learning Technologies Committee has been initiated. Please see the charge and membership detailed below.

The charge for the Digital Learning Technologies committee is to evaluate and make recommendations as
to whether UAA should select Blackboard Ultra or Canvas for its next LMS, taking into account at least the
following factors:

(a) requirements for faculty transition to each LMS (Blackboard Ultra and Canvas),
(b) requirements for IT and other support services to facilitate the transition to each LMS,
(c) overall costs of the transition to each LMS, including contract fees and indirect costs (e.g., staff support,
training, faculty compensation for transition work, etc.),
(d) feasibility of the transition to each LMS, given available support services/resources,
(e) availability of embedded or add-on platforms to support related needs in each LMS, such as test
proctoring, non-credit course registration, E-portfolio use, student success alerts and data tracking, etc.

As part of the evaluation process, the committee will: develop/use clear criteria for LMS comparison,
recruit feedback from stakeholders (student, staff, and faculty), and provide transparency and
communication with the larger UAA community throughout the evaluation process.
The committee should complete its work and provide its recommendation no later than April 1, 2022.

Claudia Lampman, Co-Chair, Vice Provost for Student Success
Kathryn Hollis-Buchannon, Co-Chair, Associate Professor of Accounting and Business, College of Business & Public Policy and Kodiak College
Julia Gardella, Analyst and Program Specialist at University of Alaska Center for Economic Development
Megan Gunderson, Instructional Design & Technology Specialist, Prince William Sound College
Ginger Blackmon, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership, School of Education
Chokri Sendi, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering
Claire Kochis, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Kenai Peninsula College
John Zetteman, Infrastructure Services Director, Information Technology Services
Yvonne Chase, Associate Professor of Human Services, College of Health
Douglass Bourne, Assistant Professor, Community & Technical College
Holli Yancey, Instructional Design and Technology Director, College of Health
Katie Walker, Instructional Designer, College of Health
Shanone Tejada, USUAA Senator
Ella Bryner, USUAA Delegate

My sincerest gratitude to the many others who volunteered to serve on this very important committee and to those who are serving.

Thank you for all you do for UAA!

Denise Runge, UAA Provost