September Full Council of Deans and Directors Meeting Notes

by Denise Runge  |   

Open Discussion with Chancellor Parnell

  • Leadership is working with statewide to ask for no tuition raise across the system for the FY22-23 year.
    Staff Council Update
    • The staff development fund has received about 35,000 dollars. Guidelines are being drafted on how to apply for the compensation.
    • A 2-page compensation memo has been sent forward to President Pitney from the Staff Alliance & Council. The focus is on equity gaps across the system. 
    • Staff Council will be co-hosting an event with the Chancellor – more information to be announced shortly.

USUAA Update

    • All executive positions have been filled as we head into the semester.
    • COVID safety on campus is a main discussion point and we appreciate Tim Edwards for joining the assembly meeting last Friday. 
    • The Canvas vs. Blackboard issue is being discussed within student government as well. We plan to be involved in the process as much as possible to do the right thing for students.

Faculty Senate Update