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About CircleIn

CircleIn is a free studying app where students can study remotely, collaborate with peers in order to communicate and exchange ideas, access tutors or Peer Learning Assistants, and stay productive. CircleIn transforms the class into a digital community and creates the space for students to brainstorm together, just like they would in a coffee shop or a library. CircleIn offers a mobile app that can be used on any mobile device and a web version that can be used on a laptop or computer.  Students earn points by sharing helpful resources, collaborating with classmates, and studying within the app. Those points can be redeemed for gift cards and other rewards. Create your account today and take advantage of all the studying features that will help you succeed.

 CircleIn Student Stories Video - Spring 2021 from CircleIn Team.



Students are Using CircleIn!

  • Over 42,000 Flashcards Studied
  • Over 23,000 Tasks Created
  • Almost 17,000 Messages Sent
  • Almost 3,000 Notes Uploaded
  • Over 800 Video Sessions Started

*Stats are from 2020-2021 Academic Year

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