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Summer Semester (May 15th - August 2nd)

The Communication Center provides high-quality tutoring via live Zoom sessions to support students taking distance or online classes through UAA. Our active hours are 10AM-5PM, Mondays through FridaysEmail Consultations are available until Aug. 2nd (Closures below). The last day to request an appointment for the summer semester is August 2nd by 6PM.

If you want to bring your own audience, please do! You are welcome to bring friends or classmates to participate in your sessions.

Note: Any request received after 5 PM is considered received at 10 AM the following weekday. For example, requests received after 5 PM on Fridays will be reviewed on the following Monday.

Students wishing to schedule a Zoom appointment may submit a request through our secure web form. Communication Center coaches will schedule the appointment as close as possible to the student's wishes but same day appointments are not an option . Please be as specific as possible so that we can provide you with the most relevant and helpful feedback.

Please keep in mind: our staff will help identify problems and recommend solutions but we do not provide editing services. For editing type tutoring students are encouraged to use the Writing Center's services. Instead, we want to empower students to present with clarity and confidence. A communication coach will contact you to schedule your appointment within 24 hours, weekdays only


  • Appointments are 1 hour long, with rare exception.
  • If you do not have access to video/microphone, you can still use Zoom for chat with a coach via typing.
  • No membership is necessary to use Zoom.
  • Shortly before your appointment, you will receive an email with the link to your Zoom. 
  • Have any links you want the coach to view with you ready, in order to take advantage of your time.
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July 3 - 4th
August 4th - September 5th



The Communication Center and communication tutoring is a learning space for UAA students. The center supports student public speaking activities across all disciplines and for all levels. Students may visit the center to address a wide variety of concerns, including public speaking apprehension, outline support, delivery, visual aids and group presentation support. We strive to ensure students are able to develop their confidence speaking in front of groups, small and large.

Communication Center Coaches

The Communication Center employs student peer coaches. All are trained in providing quality support, both for the structure and the delivery of a presentation. Our coaches understand that public speaking is often a source of apprehension and they provide specific support to those that would like to reduce their apprehension and increase their confidence. Students seeking support are encouraged to bring friends and classmates to their session.

Coaches provide tutoring aid to students at all stages of their speech, from narrowing the topic, to outlining, to support with delivery. Students are welcome to come into the center at any point in the construction process. Particularly with oral presentations, it is beneficial to recite parts of the speech out loud as it is being constructed to catch inconsistencies and facilitate a more comfortable delivery come presentation day. Students are invited to work on their speeches in the center and ask for help as needed.