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RISC Survey - Student Success Data and Findings

We are data driven in our pursuit of Student Success

In Spring of 2020, UAA launched the Revealing Institutional Strengths and Challenges (RISC) Survey with Percontor LLC research firm. In December 2020, the Office of Student Success presented the findings from the survey to the wider campus community and discussed the salient challenges and perspectives about the institution gleaned from the survey. Here you will find the recorded webinar, the published report, and the power point complete with data and findings. 

Survey Respondent Demographics

397 students completed the survey (50.2% response rate)
Administered in a random sample of courses of more than 25 students

Gender Breakdown of Survey Participants

Gender Identity - 32% Male; 67% Female; 1% Another gender identity
Male - 32%
Female - 67%
Another gender identity - 1%

Race/Ethnicity Breakdown of Survey Participants


White - 65%
Asian American - 22%
Alaska Native or American Indian - 12%
Hispanic or Latina/o/x - 11%
African American or Black - 6%
Other - 5%
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander - 2%


Age Breakdown of Survey Participants

Age - 18 or younger 16%; 19-24 years old 55%; 25-34 years old 20%; 35+ years old 9%
35+ years old - 9%
25 - 34 years old - 20%
19 - 24 years old - 55%
18 years old or younger - 16%

Full-time Student vs. Part-time Student Breakdown of Survey Participants

Full vs. Part-time - full-time 70%; part-time 30%
Full Time (12+ credits) - 70%
Part Time (<12 credits) - 30%


RISC Survey Results

  • Here you will find the final published report addressing the survey conducted by Percontor.
  • UAA had the opportunity to add 10 additional questions to the survey, for information that is more tailored to the institutional climate. You will find the 10-questions report here.


Webinar Presentation

RISC Survey Webinar  

 Note: You will need to use your Zoom SSO to watch the video.


RISC Survey Slide Deck