Seawolf Mentor


The Seawolf Mentor Program

UAA has partnered with the Mentor Collective to launch Seawolf Mentor. The program enhances the student experience by linking them one-on-one with a peer mentor. Students are paired with someone who has walked in their shoes and is invested in their success — a person ready to listen, inspire, help navigate challenges and recognize opportunities. Students will learn what to expect in school, how to approach challenges, gain career advice and valuable insights, while mentors will build their networks and develop skills to become better professionals and leaders. 


How It Works

Students will be matched with a peer mentor based on common interests, background, academics and professional aspirations. To get started, students and mentors register and complete an online survey to assess personality and experience.


What Do Mentors and Mentees Discuss? 

  • Ways to get through a difficult class

  • Ideas for how to approach faculty members with questions

  • Strategies to help with school / life balance

  • How to connect with student organizations or campus resources

  • Suggestions to further explore interest and career goals


What Mentees Say

“[My mentor] helped me answer the question of how to form strong relationships with my professors by giving me an actionable strategy to having strong purposeful visits to their office hours.”

“I'm really excited to have someone there for me. It's nice knowing that I'm not completely alone and hopefully can be someone I can reach out to if I'm having a hard time in school or other activities.”

“My mentor has been an amazing help in my life, he makes me realize and see things more clearly. Sometimes it's in front of your face but can't see until someone puts it into words for you.”

What Mentors Say

“I'm volunteering to mentor because I've been fortunate enough to have mentors who guided me throughout my academic and professional careers & I feel like I am finally able to give back. “

“I would like to give back and help current students achieve their goals, sometimes all it takes is a simple conversation.”

“I have personally benefited from the help of some great mentors both in my personal life and academic/career life. At my first real job after college I was assigned a mentor on my first day that has been nothing but supportive and helpful to me as I embarked on a new journey. Mentorship has been a very valuable asset to my life and career so far. I believe it is my duty to also give back like the mentors who have been part of my success so far.“

University of Alaska Anchorage and Mentor Collective Offer Mentorship to Incoming Students


Anchorage, Alaska. University of Alaska Anchorage has partnered with Mentor Collective to offer mentorship to all incoming students on the Anchorage campus. The partnership is housed in their Office of Student Success, which was created in 2017 in response to the UAA 2020 strategic plan. The program is part of their efforts to close the gap for Alaska Native and first-generation learners and improve persistence and completion rates, particularly for students from traditionally underserved groups. The first priority of this newly created office was to build a first-year advising and success program to provide holistic academic advising and support to degree-seeking students in their first thirty credits.

UAA couldn’t have launched this partnership at a more challenging and critical time. The COVID-19 pandemic struck a little over a month before the program went live. In light of the “new normal,” the program’s focus on student success began to broaden to address not only pre-existing equity gaps but also the increasing social isolation of students. To meet this challenge, the Student Success Advisory Committee decided to open the mentoring program to all students, not just the first-year students.

“The feedback is in the numbers!,” said Dr. Claudia Lampman, Vice Provost for Student Success and Dean of the Honors College. “When we log into the Mentor Collective dashboard, we are amazed by the student response.  Not only did we quickly reach 500 mentorship matches, but we see students are texting each other and logging conversations at high rates.” 

UAA was impressed by the Mentor Collective user experience for students and administrators alike, citing the platform’s quality and ease of use. Dr. Lampman said, 

“Mentor Collective provides a professional, virtual template for recruitment, training, and engagement.  Students navigate high-quality platforms with ease.  Likewise, staff access program data, analytics, and qualitative updates through a well-designed dashboard. Throughout our conversations and program launch, the MC team has been professional, helpful, and reliable.  Their model is working for UAA!”

To learn more about the UAA Mentoring Program, please contact Joseph Bruner (, Student Success Specialist with the Office of Student Success.


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