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Navigate360 is your connection to the campus community through registration alerts, course calendars, networks of advisors and more. 

What is Navigate360?

In Fall 2018 UAA launched Navigate360 (formerly Seawolf Tracks), a suite of interconnected electronic tools to help achieve our top priority: the success of our students! Navigate360 includes two valuable products – a mobile app and an advising platform – to keep students on an optimal academic track, connected to their advisors and campus resources, and making progress toward graduation. 

Navigate360: Utilizing the Mobile App and Academic Advising

A mobile app for students, Navigate36- streamlines the UAA experience through content that highlights university traditions, upcoming registration deadlines and personalized “to-dos”. Students can connect with university resources through their network and access a comprehensive directory of student services.

Additionally, Navigate360 provides a comprehensive view of a student’s degree progress based on 10 years of historical UAA data. Advisors can see where and when a student might need help or intervention to stay on track or move to a different course. Navigate360 is the best way for faculty, advisors, and student support staff to communicate with one another about the progress or concerns of each student.

 Login to Navigate360!

 *On the app stores, search for "Navigate Student"


Impacts on our Students

  • Appointment campaigns improve our outreach to students - a 57% increase in student outreaches from appointment campaigns from Fall 2019 to Fall 2020


  • Students who held an appointment through a campaign - 14.6% increase in persistence to Spring Semester 2021


  • Students who were identified through a campaign - 4.6% increase in persistence to Spring Semester 2021
UAA Office of Student Success



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