Seawolf Tracks

What is Seawolf Tracks?

In Fall 2018, UAA is launching Seawolf Tracks, a suite of interconnected electronic tools to help achieve our top priority: the success of our students!  The Educational Advisory Board (EAB) developed Seawolf Tracks for UAA as part of their Student Success Collaborative — a network of colleges and universities across the country working to improve student persistence and graduation.  Seawolf Tracks combines technology, research, and predictive analytics to improve how academic advisors, faculty, and staff guide students to achieve their educational goals.

Seawolf Tracks includes two valuable products – a mobile app and an advising package - to keep students on an optimal academic track, connected to their advisors and campus resources, and making progress toward graduation:

The Seawolf Tracks mobile app puts UAA in students’ pockets

Connect with the “Seawolf Tracks” web page to download the app and learn how to use it.  

A mobile app for students, Seawolf Tracks (called “Guide” in the App Store) streamlines the UAA experience through content that highlights university traditions, upcoming registration deadlines and personalized “to-dos”.  Students can connect with university resources through their network and access a comprehensive directory of student services.  They can use the app to:

(1) get reminders about important deadlines,
(2) get help locating their classrooms and key offices on campus,
(3) sync their class schedule with their phone calendar, and
(4) get life and school tips for success in college. Beginning in Fall 2018, students will be able to schedule appointments with advisors and tutors through the app.

The Seawolf Tracks academic advising platform puts the power of data in every advisor’s toolbox

Seawolf Tracks provides a comprehensive view of a student’s degree progress based on 10 years of historical UAA data.  Advisors can see where and when a student might need help or intervention to stay on track or move to a different course.  In the future, Seawolf Tracks will become the best way for faculty, advisors, and student support staff to communicate with one another about the progress or concerns of each student.  Advisors can create campaigns targeted at specific groups of students, streamline appointment scheduling for the advisor and student, identify at-risk students more easily, send students automated reminders of appointments, and record and store session notes that can be accessed by other staff.

Seawolf Tracks allows advisors to have informed conversations with students who are not on-track in their chosen majors, and to course-correct as early as possible. Sometimes that will mean suggesting interventions and other times exploring different majors or paths. Seawolf Tracks will use the power of UAA’s data to help our students find and complete their best academic path. And being a member of the Student Success Collaborative connects UAA to peer institutions, live webinars, major research on student success, and national student success summits.

Questions about Seawolf Tracks?

For questions about the Seawolf Tracks mobile app, please contact Julia Vizcaino at

For questions about the Seawolf Tracks advising platform, please contact Valerie Robideaux at .


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