2020 Textbook Transformation Fellows

Apply for the 2020 Textbook Transformation Fellowship

Free-to-access course materials have been demonstrated to directly impact student success by improving student performance, retention, especially for low-income and first-generation college students. This fellowship opportunity is designed to support faculty by providing resources needed to redesign their courses using Open Educational Resources (OER) or other no-cost materials. 

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 The Alaska Open Education Initiative welcomes submissions for the Textbook Transformation Fellowship ProgramLearn more about the fellowship below!

Program Goals

  • To improve student success, retention, and achievement by reducing the cost of course materials for UAA students. ‚Äč
  • Develop and enhance individual skills in evaluating free/open educational resources.
  • Support faculty in using innovative design, tools, and concepts to create meaningful teaching and learning experiences.

Program Outcome 

As part of the fellowship, fellows will be encouraged to:

  • Adopt a free/Open textbook and/or course materials, replacing commercial material(s), for at least one course.
  • Engage within a learning community by contributing resources, collaborating, and providing feedback to peers.
  • Demonstrate the use of innovative, accessible design principles in the development and design/redesign of a course to affect meaningful learning experiences.


Applicants must be an instructor of record in the course and agree to participate in person during the on-campus intensive workshop (May 11-14, 2020). The fellowship is open to all full and part-time faculty (including non tenure-track) from all campuses. Community campus applicants are encouraged. Unfortunately, travel funds are not available.

Fellows Receive 

  • $500 stipend for participation in a 1-week intensive training workshop, May 11 through May 14, 2020.
  • Ongoing support for the discovery, evaluation, and adoption of Open or no-cost course materials.
  • $2000 stipend upon submission of course redesign evidence no later than May 1, 2021.

Selection Criteria 

The aim of this fellowship is to promote UAA student success and retention with particular attention to Alaska Native students. Applications will be scored using the following criteria:

  • Number of students affected (based on average enrollment over the 2019-20 academic year), favoring high enrollment courses
  • Cost savings for students, as determined by the current new textbook cost for the course, favoring courses with high student savings
  • Potential to improve student success (based on performance data from the 2018-19), favoring courses with traditionally high DFW rates
  • Potential to improve student retention, favoring preparatory and GER courses
  • Potential longevity of adoption, favoring teams of Fellows from the same program or for the same course

Fellowship Expectations 

As part of the fellowship, fellows will be expected to:

  • Collaborate with a librarian to identify Open Educational Resources (OER) or other no-cost materials for their course.
  • Adopt a free textbook and/or course materials, replacing existing commercial textbook and/or course materials, for a minimum of two semesters, including the pilot semester.
  • Complete a course impact report that includes a final syllabus, assessment, student evaluations of the textbook, analysis and future plans based on findings, and anonymous data on grades, including DFW rates.
  • Share their experience using a free textbook with colleagues by through formal presentation, participation in a future event as a panelist, or sharing their experiences for the UAA Textbook Affordability website.

For more information, contact D'Arcy Hutchings at dlhutchings@alaska.edu or 907-786-1982.